Alpha 10 - World Won't Load

I started up Alpha 10 for the first time. The title screen loaded fine. I reset my settings and restarted Stonehearth. Everything seemed to be working fine. Then I tried to start a new world.

I selected a location without a problem. The game appeared to load fine - until it froze - right at the end. I started up Task Manager, and… things got interesting.
C++ was running as its own thing, in a separate window [with the Stonehearth logo on the task bar for some reason]. The Stonehearth window had no logo. Stonehearth was eating up a ton of RAM, and listed as a process twice.

I’m playing x64. This happened with the JIT both on and off.

Hmmm… the game is working for me again. In other news,

Oooh, shiny water!

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odd… and you didn’t do anything in particular to “fix” the issue?

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