Bugs based on menu

Okay, so when i start the game it’s perfectly fine. But when i try to name the world it doesn’t let me, and when i generate the world it automatically corrupts and closes or crashes so please fix it so you can tell me i didn’t just waste $30!!

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First, welcome to the discourse!

Now, tell us what your computer system specs are, what version of the game you are playing, and any further details about the issue at hand.

Things to try…
-. Go to your video card drivers website and get the newest drivers for your card directly from there (Don’t trust your cards auto updater for this)

-. Clear your stonehearth folder completely and reinstall.


Okay, i’ll try the reinstall then if that doesn’t work ill contact you.


I have a Lenovo windows 8 and i’m playing alpha 10. I’m saying this because you told me to if the reinstall didn’t work, and it didn’t. So ya.

Can you be a bit more specific about your computer specs?

Firstly, go to files and then right click on This PC/Computer.
Secondly,click on properties and tell us everything it says underneath the heading system
Then go to device manager
You will see those illuminati triangles
Now click the illuminati triangles where it says Processors and Display adapters
Tell us what it says
For the processor tell us how much it mentions your processor
If it mentions it twice, it’s a dual-core
If it mentions it 4 times, it’s a quad-core
and if it mentions it 8 times it’s an octo-core

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The system type is a 64-bit Operating System and a x64 based processor. The rating is 5.5 windows experience index. The processor is Intel®Core™ i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz. The installed momory (RAM) is 6.00 GB (5.89) USABLE. And there is no pen or touch on this display. Sorry for the inconvenience i was REALLY busy

The display adapter is Intel® HD Graphics
And the Processors are Intel® Core™ i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz Intel® Core™ i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz Intel® Core™ i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz Intel® Core™ i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz.

Ya all the processors say itself 4 times so ya my computer is a quad core.