I never got my copy

long ago before anything was done in this game i threw 30$ and never got anything in return. no response from the email either so im rapidly losing hope.

Hello @rykerjay, welcome to the discourse!

I am so sorry to hear that you are having issues getting access to the game. Let me see what I can do to help.

Where/how did you purchase the game? Backed on Kickstarter, Humble Store, Steam?

What email did your send a message to? Depending on which you used, there may be as many as 8 developers reading it, and sometimes unfortunately things can get lost.

kickstarter and i emailed support@radiant-entertainment.com i even have proof of purchase

i believe the paypal i used way connected to a different email address than the one i used to contact the devs. However i do not think i received anything from that address as well

OK. Good to know. I am going to follow up with the developers to see what I can do for you. Please note that it is the weekend, so no guarantees of anything quick, but we will get you into the game!

Is your paypal account associated with the email you used to register here on the discourse? If not, can you please PM me your kickstarter email address?

Paging @sdee!

no and how would i do this? im very new to this as you know :dizzy_face:

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Check your user icon in the top right of the website. You should see a green circle with a 1 in it. Click your icon, and you should see a PM from me. Open that and reply there.

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hey there @rykerjay… have you by chance tried the link available here?




I’m currently locked out of my humble bundle account, but perhaps @brad can help you from his. Sorry for the inconvenience!

sorry it took so long to respond, but i have the game now, thanks everyone for the support! :smile: