[Dev Blog] Stonehearth Alpha r14 Now Available on Steam


Hmmm didn’t remember that happening last time i tried. Well now I know. lol Time to download then! :smile: thanks for th help


wow, the client was much more stable (for me)… i actually had to manually close the game this time! :smile:

i was able to construct a fairly large (but nonsensical) wall… no crashes! it did start to slow after about 30 minutes… but i was able to construct everything, without a hitch… :+1:


Congrats to you and Radiant! :smiley: Sake all around! :sake: (well to anyone old enough)

The game still crashes my desktop, but at least it make it past the loading screen this time! (crashed when I tried to pan the camera)

I’ve been playing on my laptop though and I tested it for a few minutes. Seemed to work better. :smile:


The more stockpiles the better!


Your machine actually can run it now! Hurrah! Happy Days theme starts playing


it can, in no small part thanks to @not_owen_wilson’s very helpful advice… :smiley:

she’s limping along, mind you… but she’s putting up an admirable fight, at least until i can finally work up the nerve to purchase my new rig…


Good, good… maybe you’ll be able to squeeze a the rest of the life out of it… :wink:


Noob Question* (probably)*:
Do I get the game on Steam when I buy it via the Humble Bundle? I looked it up on Steam and it wasn’t yet released on there, so that made me a bit curious.


yes sir! just follow along with the guide here, and you should be all set…


Yes you do, sir… :smile:

Edit: Got ninja’d by @SteveAdamo:frowning:


Haha. Double answer. Thanks for the answer, though! (@Alfie, you too sir.)


Just got the more in-depth patch notes posted over on the wiki:


It’s a good read even if you have no intentions of editing the files. You can spy on the changes Radiant has made and see what might be coming :wink:


I have finally been able to complete a full wall loop. I could not upload an image for being new. Here is a link to the picture. Completed Wall Loop. It took many tries and restarts of the game. I still have yet to complete a room as you can also see in the picture.


Woah!! i was able to get 4 wall loops completed in a row!! New record??!! The 5th and 8th ones did not finish. I was almost able to make a full building with just wall loops. ALMOST HAD IT!! Good job on the Stonehearth team on fixing it so we can sometimes get a full wall loop. Keep up the good work.


http://i.imgur.com/hBh0KVJ.png i did this not in r14 lol


Ohh really? nice. I didnt play much of the Alpha 1 because it crashed so much.


Does the wall loop automatically place a door, and if so, where?


No, the wall loop does not come with a door


They look awesome, don’t they? :wink:

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