Final Testing Pass For Stonehearth Alpha 5


I’d like to see research come into it. It’d be very cool if every crafter could be instructed to research. They would tinker and use up resources, and figure out how to make better things. After all, if you’ve just been promoted to a carpenter by being handed a saw I’m sure you’re not going to be making wonderfully carved chairs without a few trials and errors!

It wouldn’t have to be a steep gameplay slope by any means, but it would mean you would have to have a base level of simple resources and amenities secured before the player might feel up to spending time and resources dedicated to discovering new items.


If the game is done well, you shouldn’t feel “oh I’ve got to make 20 chairs to level up” - not unless you plan badly, at least :stuck_out_tongue: . After all, there’ll be tables, doors, window frames, signs, lamps, fences… all of which will be useful for some time to come, and you can level up with them.


Just making sure here, for those of us who pre-ordered via the $15 option are gonna have to wait till it’s made available on humble bundle before we can play right?


hey @Kaz … the public release should be available via both platforms… so, which ever you prefer!

you would have to get your Stonehearth Steam key through your Humble Bundle page (if you wanted to go the Steam route)… but either way, if you pledged $15, the public release should be available from both platforms… :+1:


@SteveAdamo Thanks for the reply, however I cant seem to download it yet thru the humble bundle page, wich I’d need to get first to get the code for the steam version amirite?


right, if you pledged at the $15 level, this wouldnt be available to you (just yet)… not until the public release, scheduled for sometime this month… :+1:

once that client is released, you should be able to follow the same steps outlined here to access your HB account, etc.


Ohh i c, I was under the impression that it was going to be yesterday/today because of the post Tom made:

“We are planning a final push to the unstable branch now, and if the thing doesn’t completely blow up we will make it available to all Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. This process may take us day or two. We appreciate your patience. ;)”


oh right… well that certainly makes sense!

i’m sure Team Radiant is eager to get the public release out in the wild, so … its just a bug squashing/waiting game at this point! :smile:


Yeah I was spamming my humble bundle page all day yesterday getting all excited, been dying to play xD


I was under the impression that meant that the unstable branch would be updated in a day or two, and then only after the unstable branch was made stable enough to call it Alpha 5, then $15 backers would get their copies.

I believe, though I haven’t checked yet, the unstable branch did get updated today, which would mean they’re still on schedule. I wouldn’t start checking the Humble Bundle page like crazy until next week, if I were you.


well, r144 dropped yesterday… and we’ve had a rash of new reports piling in…

i dont think there’s been a Steam update today… but anything is possible! :smile:



Is it a good rash? Or like… super itchy and bumpy.


Itchy I think, given that it’s a rash of bug reports :wink: .


YEAH!!! FInally able to download!!! <3<3<33 Time to play

Edit: Figured I’d refresh the page one last time before I shut it down for the day, and BAM there it was ;D


What is grinding and what is not? Grinding the resources to actually build the item. Grinding the food to keep your villagers fed over and over. Grinding grinding trees, grinding roads, grinding sleep…

I mean, sleep is actually boring, because they do nothing. But it puts life into that little thing.
Same goes for exp. It adds some sense of progress and reward into the game.

On topic:
YAY alpha 5!


well then, there you go… have fun! :smile: :+1:


I will, thank you :smiley:


Ah, I mean yesterday then. It must’ve been fairly late, I was playing Stonehearth yesterday and it wasn’t 144.


So excited! This is going to be awesome!

One more thing, how do you toggle Worker Defence Mode?


Pressing R is the easiest way :>