Download the Stonehearth Alpha (also, FAQ)!


I will try, hate misunderstanding things…


Okay, so, did you get to this screen?

And then did you click the link at the bottom that was the “Stonehearth Gift Key” and then redeem that one as well?

If that is the case then yer you’ve redeemed both copies, if you contact Humble Bundle at explain that you’ve accidentally redeemed both and they should be able to help resolve the situation.


Yeah thats what I did… I already contacted Humble Bundle about it so maybe they will sort it out. Just read through it too fast.


Excitement does get the better of us at times doesn’t it :slight_smile:

I know that @sdee has been fielding emails from people who have done the exact same thing, so don’t worry you’re not alone! Perhaps just email the address I gave above, let them know, and also let them know that you’ve contacted Humble Bundle - don’t worry it’ll get sorted :slight_smile:


Just did. Yeah, I have really been looking forward to this game, haven’t found a game like this and I have really been searching for it.


indeed… we’re just going through some growing pains… :smile:

at least we have a good two week window to iron these out! :+1:


I donated $50 during the kickstarter and Paypal says I made this purchase, however on Kickstarter and on the Test it says I didn’t buy the pack. I’m not sure if Kickstarter or Paypal made a mistake but I really hope this can be solved.


hi there @Zade… do you have that confirmation email from PayPal with your transaction ID?


I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve sent an email to yesterday with my Paypal Transaction ID so now we wait, lucky the alpha’s not out yet and I’m miss out on the fun.


Sorry to hear you’re having the same problem as @Zade - that’s definitely an odd one.

You’ve both done the right thing though by contacting Radiant, I wouldn’t worry too much I’m sure it’ll be easily rectified - keep us updated.


as @Geoffers747 mentioned, you did indeed take the right steps… @sdee’s (related) comment from yesterday:


Hey @sdee, I’m going to create a new email account to replace the one I have right now, so, can I change the E-mail account I used to buy the game, or am I stuck with it?


It’s very similar to item 5 in the FAQ above:

So it’s OK, get the link with your old email and then claim it to your new one.


Thank you, @sdee!

. . .


I pledged for the $30 Settler tier several months ago during the kickstarter campaign, however when I type my email into the humble key resender, I do not recieve the Stonehearth key. Is this a problem on my end or something to do with donating through paypal?


welcome aboard @Babado! :smile:

I’ve merged your thread here… if you would, please read over a few of the steps to resolve common issues…

my guess is, you may have changed email addresses associated with your KS account, after the Stonehearth campaign concluded?


look in the emails that you used to pledge it and you will find a humble bundle email and that will take you to the page your beta key will be on when stonehearth is released then make a humble account so you can claim the page so it saves the key for you does that help


That is most likely possible, however my old Kickstarter email is one I no longer have access too.


ok, then I would suggest following the advice in #1… emailing with any details you might have from your pledge (paypal transaction ID, etc)…


I emailed on the 12th and still waiting on a reply is anyone else getting emails back or are they super busy?