Download the Stonehearth Alpha (also, FAQ)!


@Foxdog178… you emailed humble bundle or radiant? and yes, keep in mind that the developers are preparing for the pending alpha release…


Send your email again? I don’t see anything outstanding in our email queue from the 12th.


Radiant and I know there busy just making sure the email didnt bounce as it seems to have.

Resent to this email:
That is the correct one?


Yes, that’s the correct e-mail ( If that doesn’t work, PM me directly here on the Discourse!


I bought the game on for 30$, and I got it onto my Steam account, and I was wondering whether it automatically updated on Steam or if I have to re-install onto steam on each update. Currently it is the graphics test. I’m guessing the alpha hasn’t come out yet.


Unless you have changed your settings it should automatically update. Right click on the game in your library, go to properties,go to updates, and see what it says in the box - it should be set to “Always keep this game up to date”.

No not yet, sometime in the next few hours :slight_smile:


Thanks! It is automatically updating, I was just wondering whether it did.



So it seems that the Alpha is out already but I do not get any e-mail when I enter my buying e-mail into the humble bundle site. I did buy the 30$ “Settler Backing” Pack, says my PayPal. How am I actually able to get the codes now? I can’t even find the backing on my Kickstarter account but I do have the PayPal bill.

I am sorry, normally I find my way through a whole lot of threads and find the answer myself but I can’t seem to find any right now.


Hi! First off, have you ensured that it is the same email that you’re entering that you used to back it?

Oh, and welcome aboard @Koeter!


Thank you!

Yes I am sure. To be save I also tried the other possible E-Mail I have and did not get any key.

I also did sent an E-Mail to with all the Information I have about my purchase yesterday. No answer yet.


hi @Koeter… I’m sure you’ll hear back shortly … keep in mind yesterday was New Year’s Day, and as such, most folks find themselves removed from work, as much as possible… :wink:


Yes I thought so too and I am not too nervous about them answering right away. I just hope that I do get my purchase in the end.


I got an answer and it does work now. I somehow didn’t recieve my key. Seems to have been the key resender glitching.
Very supporting and nice team.
Thank you, I am really looking forward to the final game.


excellent! well, not that it glitched, but that it all sorted out eventually… :wink:

enjoy the alpha! :smile:


Steve, please help me, I need to know when Stonehearth will be available for MAC. I have downloaded the game only to realise that it is un usable on MAC.


Hey there,

Unfortunately there is no solid release date for a mac version, some people have had success with running the game through boot camp or WINE, or VMware, but as for an actual standalone Mac version there is no date.

The team have said that they want to get a solid game going first before they start the job of Mac/Linux versions, but there is no timeframe on that, that we know of.


If you absolutely can’t wait to play the game on OSX, Humble Bundle does offer refunds if you have bought the game in the last 30 days.


Hi, i am new . i like this game, i have purchased via humble, i have activate from steam.
I have downloaded from steam and humble but it is the alpha 8 v205.
how i can have the lasted uupgrade alpha 9 240 ?

humble say :
124.6 MB md5


Right click Stonehearth in your steam library and click properties. Select the beta tab on the far right and on the ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into:’ dropdown - Select latest - Lastest build. Minimally tested.


Thanks, i m nt a skillfull user of steam.