Download the Stonehearth Alpha (also, FAQ)!


Will Humble Bundle users get the alpha 10.5 update soon? It’s still build 345 on there…

Get the latest game release form Steam instead of waiting for HumbleBundle updates:


Are $15 backers supposed to get Humble Bundle Steam keys now? I still don’t see it in my library there.


Welcome to the forum, @mkings01 :slight_smile:

Do you see a tab called “Keys” in your Humble Bundle page? My Steam key appears there, not in the “Library” tab.

Do you see a Stonehearth Steam key there?


Nope, it’s not there. :frowning:


Did you claim the game to your humblebundle account? You could try the key resender with the mail adress you used for Kickstarter to get to your game page again if you use an other mail for your humblebundle account and them claim it there to see it in your library


I did use the same email on Humble Bundle and on Kickstarter. I clicked the key resender link and Stone Hearth is not in the list.


@mkings01 I’ve reset your Humble page – try using the key resender again… if that doesn’t work I can send you the key link directly.


So I just saw this key redemption for the first time, followed the instructions and logged into Humble Bundle with the same email as my KS backer email. And it says this key has been redeamed by another user… what the hell?


That seemed like a spam user. I’ve reset your page, could you try again?


I’m having the same problem, when I try and redeem the key on humblebundle I get the message that the key is already in use on another account.


Try getting it again from your download page, it should be fixed now.


Thank you for the help