How much will it cost?


Am I slow,because I don’t know if it is going to cost something or not.And if so,how much?


@ScorchingRaider I guess this page can answer your question (as far as it is possible to answer them at the moment). To summarize:

Game costs $15 if you pre-order it and $30 if you want also beta access. Costs for Stonehearth once it is released are unknown… but for sure not for free.


thanks @voxel_pirate… and welcome aboard @ScorchingRaider! :smile:

just wanted to highlight a little more info (also available from the store):

Q: Do these pre-orders come with the rewards from the Kickstarters?

A: Nope. Sorry, but our Kickstarter has ended.

Q: I backed through Kickstarter, how do I get my rewards?

A: Humble Bundle will mail out instructions for downloading your
digital rewards when they are available later this year. For physical
rewards like T-Shirts, we will send out a survey through Kickstarter
to get your size and address.

edit: and i think that wraps this one up nice and neat…