Can I still buy in?

I only found out about Stonehearth today, and it looks amazing. I went to contribute only to find out that funding is closed.

Some games opened up private contributions after their Kickstarter finished, so will there be a similar option for Stonehearth as well?


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Watch the homepage for pre-oders, which they said will begin soon. My guess is it will be similar to the kickstarter, except you don’t have a choice of payment and there’s no rewards.

there was PayPal options after kickstarter however i believe that has ended now. you wil be able to buy in at some point dw when however im not sure

Tom said that you will be able to pre-order the beta $30 or game $15 on humblebundle soon. Not to mention the game is greenlit and will appear on Steam soon enough!

You will not however get any of the pre-order / kickstarter rewards as they are exclusives for the early backers.

Edit** Sorry @Wharp that was supposed to be a reply to @Tehok


Thanks, Froggy. I’ll keep an eye out, then.

I might be wrong … but the paypal donations should still be open?

They close today I think so you probably have a matter of a few hours? As for the time they close … I’m not too sure.

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Oh, cool! Awesome, thanks, Geoffers.

Try it and see, I mean it should go through right? Gotta remember that it’s 10:43 for the devs, so I imagine they will close Paypal at the end of the day? Either like 17:00, 18:00 or midnight perhaps.

well, the widget has been removed, and it was technically listed until 6/13… give it a go, but i’m afraid you may have just missed the window… :frowning:

Oh really? My bad!

Stop @Tehok before you meet a terrible fate!

hahaha… given that you can still directly access the page, it seems as though there may just be a lag in tearing down the paypal content… seems like a good opportunity to get in a few more quick buys…

and that sounded like a commodities discussion, so i’ll go back to lunch now…

haha, regardless of who it was for, thank you for elaborating.

I’m wondering when they will release the final total for money raised. I know when KS closed they had just over $800,000 but I’m eager to know if they crossed the $1M mark or not for persistent multiplayer

given Tom’s comments from last night’s live stream, i dont believe so… at that time, there was around 82k from PayPal, bringing the total campaign funds to approximately $834,000…

I had been wondering, since I bought it on kickstarter for $15, is there a way that I can upgrade to get the beta as well? Without just buying another copy, of course.

i dont believe so (that had been asked a time or two, but no official word was given on increasing an existing pledge amount)…

you could always try and convince a friend of the worthiness of the $15 retail copy from KS (campaign rewards, etc.)… then you can use that, make up the difference, and get the $30 beta access via Humble Bundle…

you wouldnt have the KS rewards, but you would have that earlier access you’re looking for… :smiley:

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