Pre Order Confirmation

How do I know that I have been confirmed for my purchase of the Pre-Order? Because I bought the 30$ one back in June but idk how to get the game once it comes out.

hey there @Matrix … if you have your confirmation email from KS or paypal, etc. you should be all set!

once we get closer to the alpha release, we should be getting an update from Radiant (either here, or via email, or more likely, both) with how the download/access process will work out…


hey I did get the confirmation but it says only beta acess on the Humble Bundle site when I have the paypal confirmation from my dad’s credit card saying I spent 30$. Is something wrong?

The $30 price point came with alpha/beta access so you should be all set… :+1:

Is it too late to pre-order and get the alpha build this month?

no sir! Just head to the SH store … Store – Stonehearth

Nope not at all!

Head over to here

and buy the $30 ‘Stonehearth + Preview Release’ :slight_smile:

I did a special pre order where i got extra stuff too i think when mutliplayer comes out