Upgrade purchase?

I bought the default 15$ release package from the humble bundle, didn’t know I wouldn’t get alpha access though, is there any way to upgrade to the 30$ package without having to pay another 30 dollars?

i’ll call steve
CALLING @SteveAdamo
Calling @SteveAdamo

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if you originally purchased via HB, you will have to reach out to them directly: contact@humblebundle.com

make sure you have any transaction details on hand…

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Wait so I won’t get the december 30th alpha if I paid $15? It let me download some graphics thing but I’ll still have to wait until 2014?

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Let me remind you of your own thread :wink:

Is it possible to add a beta key to my pre-purchase?:

I know about that thread, I contacted them and they never replied.

Well they did on the thread. You could only upgrade it if you made the purchase during the kickstarter. Maybe humble bundle can help you out.

“I can only help out with Kickstarter backers and PayPal payments made during the Kickstarter campaign. @mohallo made a pre-order with the current page here:
Store – Page 3 – Stonehearth

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@mohallo - @Miturion has the gist of it, as you pre-ordered through the Humble store you will need to contact them about upgrading your purchase.

Just to clarify, the image @Inumel provided is for Kickstarter backers only.

But the $15 tier still only receives the ‘September 2014’ release and not the Alpha 1.

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It could be worse: The game Limit Theory - if you didn’t get in on alpha access during the kickstarter, you can’t get in, no matter how much you pay.

well, I believe we’ve collectively addressed the OP and the follow up questions… :+1:

@fallenhaze_djc feel free to PM either @Geoffers747 or myself if you have any other questions about this…