Purchased Alpha 5

I purchased alpha 5 some time ago… am I to assume I have to purchase alpha 9? Seems like a big money grab to me.

nope, you’ll receive free updates through the release! If you use steam, I believe it should update automatically (I don’t use steam, so not sure), but if you use humble bundle you can just redownload and you’ll get alpha 9


You can update to alpha 9 for free. Once you buy the alpha you don’t need to buy updates (unless its April 1st). You can download Alpha 9 either by the Humble Bundle, or by Steam. As long as you still have the email you purchased the game with that is.


ahh, ok, thanks for the quick responses…

I don’t have it on steam, and can’t find it on steam, so I’ll check out humble.

With your email it should provide you a link. The link should give you the most recent stable build (HB version) and a unique steam key. The steam key allows you to play through steam with stable or unstable builds. It won’t actually show up in a search on steam though only on your game list!


yep, its downloadable through steam but not purchasable :blush: