Do I need to pay for alpha 10

Do I need to pay for alpha 10 even though I already got alpha 9?

Nope. Just download it from your Humble Bundle page or update it on Steam :slight_smile: .

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No you don’t. I assume you downloaded it straight from Humble-Bundle? If so you have to download the game again to get the newest release.

You can get it on Steam also, just take the key, that you got from Humble-Bundle when you bought the game, and then in Steam go to Games -> “Activate a Product on Steam…” and copy the key in there!

EDIT: @Teleros beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you :smile:

hey there @AzuraNefal … it looks like you’re all sorted! in the event you need any other Humble Bundle details, you can take a look at this FAQ:

enjoy Alpha 10! :smile: :+1:

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