Bought StoneHearth, no key sent by email


I have just bought StoneHearth but didn’t get a key through my email. I also created my humble bundle account aftert having bought the game, so it’s not on this account too. I tried the resend keys (even though my account wasn’t created when I bought the game) with the same email, but it had no results. And I do have the paypal receipt.

What should I do?

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Hi there @CheesyGameZ, welcome to the forum! :smile:

So you didn’t get a key sent to your email at all? Did you definitely type the email correctly (apologies for how condescending that may sound, but it can be so frustrating if you have by accident)? There’s a thread with an FAQ for downloading, though I doubt it’s a whole lot of use…


Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

That’s what I did, but didn’t send any emails when I wrote mine. And I did type it correctly (even though its name is retarded and redundant). But what is weird is that I received the paypal receipt.

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Sometimes emails from HB get eaten by spam filters, etc. In any case, send an email to with the email address that you know you used (and that you got the paypal confirmation at) and we can look it up for you. :slight_smile:


Ok, I now StoneHearth in my library (even though I can’t receive emails from…). By the way, isn’t there supposed to be a steam key? :open_mouth:


excellent! :+1:

yes, you should be able to generate one through humble bundle…


A box in your Humble Bundle download page should have a button in it called “generate steam key”

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Ok that’s what I thought. To get the key, I need to go in my library (where I can see StoneHearth), then go to other purchases and click on the StoneHearth link. There I can generate a steam key. One problem remains: it always to verify a code sent by but I never receive those emails… And humble bundle won’t respond to my emails.

is it that you cant access the address that HB is sending to, or you simply aren’t receiving the emails from HB?

you’ve checked the spam folder, etc.? are you sure HB is sending to the address you can access?

Yes, I did check my spam folder. I receive every other email from humble bundle than the ones to verify a key.