Lost my confirmation email

I paid for the beta and game from the stonehearth site and i received the confirmation email from humble bundle but i accidentally deleted it, and i cant seem to log into humble bundle. anyone know if i need that email or a way that i can get the email re sent

Go to the humble bundle and go through the whole ‘I forgot my password’ routine,I’m assuming that’s why you’re having difficulty logging in?

Once you’re logged in I imagine you’ll find some confirmation of the preorder?

I shouldn’t think it matters too much as the Humble Bunfle will email you come release of the beta/game.

I’m on mobile at the moment, will help some more when in on my laptop

Edit: Any luck @robbyjohnson6?

i don’t think that i’ve been sent a confirmation email at all (except for the paypal confirmation). i don’t think you need the email for now.

welcome aboard @robbyjohnson6! :smile:

as @Geoffers747 mentioned, you likely wont need the email from HB, but accessing your account will obviously be necessary to get to the beta client, once its released…

go through the steps to reclaim your password/access your account… you will probably see SH listed as one of your games (just with no associated content)… at least i see that, for other games i’ve purchased via HB, which havent been released yet…

let us know how it goes! :smile:

Ehm, i don’t have SH in my games list, should i be concerned?

no, i wouldnt be… like i said, im not sure if thats the way HB handles every game that hasnt been released yet…

but, for example, Starbound… the game isnt out yet, yet i’ve ordered via HB, and it shows up in my list of games… i think Castle Story did the same thing…

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I assume you bought the game through the humble bundle from here? And not during the Kickstarter?

As long as you have the Paypal confirmation you should have a transaction ID, keep hold of that, you’ll be fine!

the problem is that it doesn’t show up ;)[quote=“Geoffers747, post:7, topic:2867”]
I assume you bought the game through the humble bundle from here? And not during the Kickstarter?

Backed using paypal during the kickstarter, but yeah i still have the transaction code from that :slight_smile:

then you are golden my friend… :ticket:

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There were confirmation emails already? :pray: please god… Send them again!

Not as far as I know.

If you backed with the Kickstarter you would have received an email confirming payment. Similarly if you backed through Paypal in that two week period after the Kickstarter you would have received a confirmation email.

If you bought the game through the Humble Bundle post Kickstarter then I imagine you would just receive the order email from humble bundle/ paypal/ whatever you paid with :smile:

Do not fear @Rekragamm!

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turns out i didn’t have a humble account, so i made one and tried through that to recover the key etc to get the game on there but apparently nothing comes up and i don’t have my confirmation email to show a transaction code sadly so i guess i might just buy it again haha and if i do get the previous one i’ll just give it to a friend

well, i applaud your generosity, but you might try reaching out to @CannonJunior (Chris), and see if he can lend a hand… perhaps send an email to contact@radiant-entertainment.com and explain the situation…

provide the email you used with HB (or however you paid for the game), and he might be able to sort this out for you… :+1:

alright that sounds good, Thanks for the help!

absolutely! :smiley:

do us a favor though, and let us know if you get this resolved, and what steps you took… might help some other poor lost souls down the road… :smile:

When you purchased the game you had to use an email address yer?

I think if you now sign up to a humble bundle account with that same email the purchase will be automatically in your collection …

Failing that you should have some way to activate it. Failing that, as @SteveAdamo has said above, contact that email address and you’ll be helped there :smile:

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