Paypal backers ... changing tiers and differences to kickstarter


Any chance of changing the tier for a paypal backer?
What will be the difference between a Paypal backers and a kickstarter backer if there is any?

Thanks in advance for clarification.



The only difference is that paypal is added for those who cannot use a card for the payments on Kickstarter


But obviously you cant change the tier as soon as you backed and the money is drawn instantly which seem to be a great difference.


Also, on the Kickstarter page, your money you back isn’t added to the “Grand Total” for stretch goals. Thankfully, these guys have said they would keep a running total of Paypal backings and add it to the stretch goals. I have done other KS where that was not the case if you did paypal.


I didn’t know paypay wasn’t added to the “Grand Total”, that’s good news, because it means we are probably way above 300,000 now.