More Backing Tiers

I’m already backing at the highest ($50) digital backing tier. Much as I’d like some of the physical goods I can’t really justify it, especially with the international shipping (I’m in the UK). I would like to see, perhaps closer to the end of the campaign, some extra tiers between the $50 and $100, preferably of a digital variety, to give myself and I imagine many others and incentive to pledge more money and hit more stretch goals.

I’m not really sure what extra digital content could be, though if it’s decided that releasing a playable alpha would be beneficial then perhaps access to that. Other ideas could be some kind of modding manual, which might interest some people, or an extra in-game item or pet (a special statue, a parrot that’ll sit on villager’s shoulders). In any case, if something interesting could be thought of for more tiers then I’d definitely be willing to up my pledge and bring those stretch goals closer, particularly as the end of the campaign draws near. Thoughts?

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Not really a good idea, since its not possible to upgrade Paypal pledges. Would be kinda unfair. Nice idea, but unfair.

While I can see the ‘unfairness’ via PayPal surely somehow payments from same emails could be linked?

Even though it would doubtlessly make extra work, it could be done manually for paypal pledges, I’m pretty sure that other projects have done so in the past. If paypal pledges end up being a large proportion of the total then it could potentially be a problem I grant you.

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Example: If have pledged 2x50$ if they release something nice for 60$ i would need to upgrade both by 10$ not one by 20$. I’m not even sure i would be able to pledge $$$ without choosing one of the tiers mhh Better way would be following:

set a date (1.June) every pledge after 1. June via Paypal (since its the only way by linked to new tiers at their homepage.witch could be little extras. Independent from the kicks starter tiers. Maybe it would be better to finish kickstarter and allow further paypal pledges witch count to the overall from kickstarter so a overall 600 000k tier could be achieved …

or maybe both :smiley: I hope you understand what im talking about ^^

Alpha has been confirmed for those pledging over 30 dollars (check that here).
–> EDIT: See Decho’s link below. Then Click: More comments.

–> EDIT: NOT confirmed officially (erm… recently), see comments below. Deep apologies.

Hrmm… I too am at the 50.00 mark. Even then I can’t justify an extra fifty for a t-shirt (though I want one).

The Dev’s could give those between the 50 and 100 dollar tier a digital “yearbook.” I am sure they are taking photo’s at meetings and such, it would be cool to get a digital yearbook, once the game releases, of the development process. Maybe small short stories inside it (of the development process). And they could throw in a game where we have to distinguish between Tony and Tom!

Wait … where is alpha confirmed?

I think you may have used the wrong link?

Yeah all that actually confirms is that there will be an alpha, it doesn’t actually state whether or not it will be publicly available (assuming you meant under the release section). Ok well it does actually, sort of: here, but that pre-dates the kickstarter launch and they’ve since said something (think was in one of the streams) suggesting that there may or may not be a playable alpha at some point before the beta releases.

I do quite like the idea of short stories, though I prefer the idea of short stories from the game world, as I do like a bit of lore.


Ah, yer I’ve got that in the release section, the link to the modding section made me re-read it all a good 4 or 5 times to make sure I wasn’t missing anything!

But as you said, it’s just their timeline, no word on whether the alpha is public/closed, so we’ll have to wait and see!


I didn’t even check the date. Good spot @Decho.
It says for the 30 dollar and above folks in the “more comments” button. I made two edits.

we’ve had some good suggestions on the KS comments about $75 and $125 tiers with keychains, USB sticks (or other small physical items) at $75, with a physical art book at $125…

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@SteveAdamo I really want that art book that doesn’t yet exist and might not ever! Don’t forget about figurines… that would be another good physical pledge item. :wink:

ahh, yes… figurines indeed… what self respecting gaming nerd wouldnt want two or ten of these on his or her desktop? :slight_smile:

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Or you could just pledge more money and the incentive would be hitting another stretch goal? I mean if you have money to throw away why the heck not.

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@A1UR I wouldn’t exactly consider it throwing my money away. Besides, I would back this project with or without the extras. The point of the discussion is to consider what sort of incentives could be added to attract even more backers. :wink: