What's your idea for a proposed $75 tier?

Hi guys,

We’re getting tons of requests from existing backers for a tier between $50 and $100 that offers some kind of additional benefit. If you have ideas for rewards at the this level, please submit them to Stonehearth Kickstarter Virtual Rewards Survey



A physical poster would be nice. Maybe another tier where the poster gets signed by the development team.

Well, I not want to spoil the fun but… that would be $150 and upwards ^^

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Thanks for pointing that out. I would have assumed the poster would be lower tier than the t shirt.

Digital Artbook!
Digital Soundtrack! (Though it would be nice to know what the soundtrack will be like before paying more for it :wink:
Behind the Scenes - Making of - Downloads!
Tips and Tricks video on making your own vozel characters and animations!
A date with Pepe!
Your first born!

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Paper, Snow, A GHOST.

keychains, thumb-drives, stress balls, pens… the USB drive is the most expensive, but all are considered “throw away” marketables…

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So @SteveAdamo it turns out you weren’t referencing anything, you were suggesting things, and I, in my infinite tired, oh so so tired, wisdom, failed to comprehend this.

My bad.

@Rudy A digital art book already comes with a $50 pledge… unless you were referencing that one would get the digital art book along with whatever would come in the $75 and up range.

@Tom Thank you so much for seriously considering adding an additional tier between $50 and $100. I think the Kickstarter campaign was really missing a tier. :wink:

Digital rewards are nice (I live in Australia) so soundtrack…

Hell, I really just want alpha access :slight_smile:

The early releases and feedback from them has worked really well for Timber and Stone - and I bumped up my contribution after the kickstarter campaign had finished just so I could continue getting the early releases (the T&S dev had two levels of pre-release pledge: on one you just got a few early releases, for some extra cash you get all of them).

as i have no idea what you said, no offense taken… :stuck_out_tongue:

@richard thats an excellent point… there are (obviously) tremendous advantages to having additional digital rewards…

Modder’s pack. In addition to a beta and release (and, I guess, digital pet dudes), access to modding tools as early as possible. Includes prepackaged versions of any free tools, or barring that, links to download sites and all their dependencies - just make getting a modding setup as painless as possible. If you can include some kind of instruction booklet/tutorial pdf on using the tools, all the better.

The sticking point, I’m guessing, would be Qubicle. However… it might be possible for you to work out some mutual-promotion dealy with them where licenses go at a somewhat cut rate when packaged with copies of your game. Let’s be honest, you are sending a certain amount of business their way, and the fever of of a Kickstarter campaign could work very much to their benefit.

As long as the total price of packaged software plus games does not dip below the price of the software alone, there isn’t a significant incentive for Qubicle’s other potential customers to grab the package. However, Stonehearth players do get an incentive to go into the modding scene, and Qubicle sales should have a net uptick. Looks to me like everyone wins.

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Modding Tools… right now, well… let me as 2 things:

  1. do you have paint or a better program to edit/create pictures?
  2. do you have some kind of text editor?

If you answer both questions with “yes” you have, Qubicle put aside, all needed modding tools you need as far as I know the used methods.
The UI is using Webtechnology, all of that should be editable with a text editor and the pictures well, with a tool able to manipulate or create them.
LUA-Scripts should be editable using a text editor as well :smiley:

If I am not correct there, I would not be sad if @Tom or @Ponder would correct me :slight_smile:

I think Phone wallpapers would be cool :slight_smile:

It wasn’t anything offensive, it was literally “I don’t understand that reference”, as I thought you were referencing something!

I’d like an additional digital something. The physical prizes are nice but I try to keep as little clutter around the house as possible :wink: Plus I think digital prizes would have less of a direct monetary effect on you guys.

A modders pack would be lovely. Maybe a coupon/discount for Qubicle included? Some base scripts to go off of? A “modder’s guide to making awesome stuff” PDF eBook?

Or maybe some kind of “kickstarter backer” digital items for in-game (Backer Tapestry, +5 happiness to each settler in the room it’s displayed?).

Maybe some packaged up and edited tutorial videos for modding made by Tom/Tony.

Some sort of Backer Flag (in game) might be cool or a sword. Who doesn’t want a sword…

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I think the key thing to remember is that they don’t want to start creating divides within the game by giving items that have benefits for players simply because those players were able to afford the higher tiers etc.,

Personally I think the items should remain digital - it keeps prices down, and is gonna be less time consuming to make/distribute

As for what I think would work:

  • Digital Soundtrack
  • More digital posters/ Wallpapers / Smartphone wallpapers?
  • I like the idea of an in-game banner/ flag


  • How about a specific ingame statue that can be built?

I second the flag. It does not give any advantage except for looking cool. :smile: