Stonehearth Swag Packages?

Hey guys,

I just saw the awesome post about the swag giveaway Steve Adamo is doing. It got me thinking that offering a pair of stickers and a shirt would be an awesome way to raise more funds! I would definitely pay for a sticker/shirt package, and they could use a site like to handle all of the sales. Would anybody else be interested in buying one of these packages to show their love and support of Stonehearth?


This is something I believe has been addressed before, and it is likely at some point that Radiant will have some sort of store page for people to buy these sorts of things at some point.

When will that be? Well, at some point in the near-distant future …


agreed… my money is on early next year, 1-2 months after the FPB has been released…


About 1-2 months after the First Person Butterer is Released from his cage…

So I’ve seen a few people in some forum topics post about wanting a Stonehearth T shirt. Well I think I have found the solution, at you can create and sell t shirts. Now I would do this myself but I don’t have the rights or trademarks for the game Stonehearth, therefore I would be making a profit off someone else’s material which would result in a lawsuit. I just wanted to see who would buy a t-shirt and help profit Stonehearth even more. What I want to see is some cool designs from the discourse group!

Here’s one of my designs!

What are your designs?

I’d definetly purchase said t-shirt, especially if it had art on the front!

well, i’m all for creative SH t-shirt ideas! :smile:

but if I were a gambling man, which I am, I would wager we’ll eventually see an official “SH swag” store of sorts…

in the meantime, i suppose we can merge this with a very similar (old) thread… let’s see more designs! :+1:


Thanks @SteveAdamo , didn’t see this topic here before.

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Yes, Iwanted to do something like this, but I contacted radiant, and they said they’ll do it in time.

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I would like to purchase one of the original stonehearth T-shirts from kickstarter, you know the one with the iconic badass soldier. but I was strapped for cash at the time of the kickstarter and now it seems mr. badass will never be worn on my chest 3’: I was wondering then I guess when stonehearth swag like that will be available again, especially that one :3

i cant wait for more merch.START DESIGNING RADIANT!!!

wow… nailed it! :blush: and FPB? we were so cute back then…

[quote=“SprungCardinal8, post:13, topic:3106”] I was wondering then I guess when stonehearth swag like that will be available again
we haven’t heard anything in regards to future swag purchasing options… but I am still confident it will eventually be a thing, at some point…

and with that extremely vague comment, I’m off! :runner: