Can I give Radiant some money?


How do I, a loyal Stonehearth fan, throw my money at Stonehearth some more. I already bought the game, what else can I do? Donate button where?


though i could be wrong (since i know nothing of the teams financial state), i don’t believe the team needs donations…

however, if your desperate to throw your money at them, you could always just buy a couple more copies of the game for your friends, or if you’re like me and don’t have any friends (at least none who want the game), you could still buy some extra copies and do a giveaway kinda thing…


You’re a good person, Neth.
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We need T-Shirts and Poro stuffed animals :slight_smile:


I want a Goblin plushie…


custom hearthling stats push pin :smile:


A to-scale Yak Rider!!!


If you have too much money there always will be somebody who willingly take it. However, it’s unlikely that Team Radiant have finanse problem, it seems that they are now financed by international corporation. I don’t thing that anybody of us could outbid them.


I think I’m going to do this give away. I have a ton of followers on some social media sites…ITS TIME TO GIVE AWAY SOME STONEHEARTH!


@Doctor_Neth You’re making us blush! We appreciate the thought, but as noted, donations are not necessary.

However, buying and giving copies of the game to friends (or strangers!) is a great idea (thanks @8BitCrab!), and a terrific way to evangelize Stonehearth.

Thanks for thinking of us!


My broke room mate’s expressed interest in the game if you’re giving away Steam copies at any point. :wink: