Steam code for stone hearth

This is a topic asking about getting stone hearth on steam.
Hi i bought stone hearth when it first came out, i bought it and downloaded it to my computer as just a exe. i am wondering if i can get a code for steam to use so i can have the newest version.
i will supply game footage,file copies, and anything else needed.

if you brought the game you should be able to get the latest version. I assume you will have access to it via the humble bundle, just log into your account or follow the url in your original purchase email.

I didn’t buy it from the humble bundle I bought it from the stone hearth

The easiest was would be just right clicking on stonehearth in your library, clicking Delete Local Content, and then just reinstall it. If that doesn’t work (it should) then you will have to buy it again.

He only has an .exe, meaning there’s no trace in his Steam library.

Oh. Go for the second option then.

No, I never bought it on steam. I bought it last year from the stone hearth
website. They then gave me a download for the exe. I am wondering if I can
somehow get the updated version from somewhere. I have the alpha 5 version.
It’s full of bugs and barely playable. I don’t want to have to rebuy it.

well you would need your original purchase record. Either e-mail confirmation of bank record. Also you would need to provide the information uses to log in to the game to prove that you are the owner of that copy.

I’ll try to find it on my paypal granted it was last year. Umm who would
the money have been sent to, like a name

Also I don’t really use a username to log in and out it just kinda runs
when I open it.

i take it you filled out some info when you did the purchase? name would most likely contain something with radiant in it seeing they are the maker. You could also search for stonehearth as that is the product you bought. Or just go back in your purchace history, depending on how much you buy with paypal it would be easier.

@Ghostslayer30 If you bought it directly from, we can resend your code. Please check your PMs here on Discourse.