Want Stonehearth Swag?


Hey everyone! It turns out that we still have some Stonehearth swag in our office closet. To celebrate 1.1’s release yesterday, we’d like to send you some! If you’re interested, fill out the form below:

We’ll fill the requests first-come-first-serve till we run out of stuff. Also, we will not be shipping the stuff for a little while, so it will probably not arrive in time for the holidays.

That said, thank you all for being the best community. :slight_smile:


Awesome just sent it :jubilant:


Yoink! :merry:


wow!!!cool :jubilant:


Sent, thanks @sdee !!


All the best to you guys, thank you for sticking it through this far.


Thank you for creating a fun and charming game :jubilant:


YAS. I want all the swag :stuck_out_tongue:




Did anyone recive any swag? :thinking:


I haven’t gotten any.


Not yet :cry:


Nah bud, haven’t received yet. I really want that poster xD


I just got an email from paypal about something from radiant coming :open_mouth::jubilant:
the homepage to track it tho seems a bit broken says it has been traveling around since 2017 xD

looking forward to see what’s inside :smile: thank you


I haven’t seen anything yet, so all I can do is sit here and hope


Woooo got an email! Thanks for sending some swag to me :smiley:


Eee! I’m crossing my fingers that I wasn’t too late. I know it’s silly but my daughter collects cute buttons and I’d really love a party goblin one. :merry:



(Also, my family just checked up on me to see what that high-pitched noise was)


Very nice! Haven’t recieved anything yet, here’s hoping!


That’s SO MUCH STUFF!!! :open_mouth: