Designing the Concept Art

We’ve seen several steps of the development: the modelling, the animation and adding things to the game. One step of the development I would certainly like to see is the designing of the concept art whether from a livestream, speed art on the youtube channel or screenshots of several different stages of the design leading to the final concept.

So if this is possible I would be very grateful if you were to give us some insight into the process.

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this would definitely be fun to see, but perhaps this is some of what they envision for the digital artbook from the campaign?

Good point, didn’t think about that but if that is the case then I would appreciate seeing the process before the art book comes out as they are waiting to release it later (towards the release of the full game). Plus I’m sure a few people who didn’t back at the $50 or above level would like to see the process.

Also although this is off topic does anyone know if they plan to sell the soundtrack and/or t-shirt for those who didn’t back at those levels once the game has been released?

absolutely… and and given that the desktop Tuesdays contained just this sort of content, i can see them continuing that effort going forward…

radiant has mentioned having a swag store at some point (probably not until after the beta ships?), but the content in the store (t-shirts, etc.) will be entirely new content… the t-shirts offered during the campaign will be unique to it…

but yes, would absolutely love to see the soundtrack, t-shirts, caps and other gamer merchandise from a SH store…