Kickstarter problem


So, I pledged $50 before making a Kickstarter account, will I still be able to get the $50 reward? This game looks amazing haha. I never got an email about the game or anything so that’s the only thing I’m not sure about.


hi @Schtoo … im afraid you lost me… are you saying you donated using Paypal perhaps? if so, the rewards are identical, and you will receive everything at the $50 campaign level… :slight_smile:


Woo! Yeah that’s what I meant lol. Thanks !


Doesn’t matter all the tiers are the same I believe Tom said that in a stream.


yes, sir… that is correct… Paypal is simply another means of donating, if folks are unable to use Amazon services for whatever reason…


For a moment I imagined you just throwing the money somewhere :money_with_wings:


whereas i am usually very ahem conservative with my money, my wife would make the same claim of me tossing money at the screen, ever since i discovered KS…

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