Locked and loaded....wait for it

…shouldn’t be long now…

Look, if you take much longer about this, the apple’s going to fall off of @not_owen_wilson’s head.


Sits waiting with surprise and curiousity… :question:


Wait for what? The release?

Me too, my friend. Me too.

edit: This might not be like, a sit and stare at the screen and wait sort of thing. I’m going back to coding. :wink:


This is like waiting for food you ordered, you know it’s coming to you… you just hate the wait xD

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No. It’s not December yet.

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.< dont tease >.< ahhhhhhhhhh, you teases

ok, so the > cant be a post beginner >.> noted

Soiling myself in anticipation.

There are no apples on my head. I’ve counted them–twice.


It’s good to double check

Agreed. Still doesn’t explain @Tom’s longbow, though. It seems like a bit of a danger, here in the office.


stand down for today…some last minute glitches…

…just to reiterate, no we’re not releasing the preview build. Way too early for that.

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That I can’t help with… it’s good to be prepared for one of the team to be bitten by a zombie though.

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Still, we really appreciate you reinstalling windows just to prove that wasn’t actually what was causing it. Talk about taking one for the team!


So may we please have a hint @sdee & @Tom of why we wait curiously and patiently?
and thank oh masters of the Discourse/Astounding Stonehearthians for honoring us low Rabble with thou Swaggering Presence of majestic

wait? is this possibly round two for the youtuber previews???

My clue is, don’t get too excited. It’s not that exciting. I’m afraid I’ve already overhyped it. Oh well.

so help me @Tom, if there is a Rick Roll in our near future…

cries in anticipation