I'm afraid of preordering->one thing that is important to me

So i read about this game just a few weeks ago and i was reading in these forums and all blog posts since then. Now I have two questions which i was not able to find answers yet. Sadly a guy called “Chris” also was not able to answer this one specific question i asked via email.

My specific question is very important to me. Does the preview/beta support a native resolution of 1280x720p? My computer can easily handle the game and i had no issues with the graphics test but it is plugged to a projector in my living room via HDMI. So i hope 720p fullscreen will be supported as this is my major buy or no-buy fact.

One rather imporant thing of which i already read some meh-ish posts about(which sadly didn’t have any real information) is the following. What is to be expected in the beta release? I’m familiar with alpha and early access releases bug-wise so i know and understand this. But is there any info on content that MIGHT be available in the beta? Also now the beta is only days-weeks away and there is nothing that comes close to real information in that matter.

I already told 3 of my friends about this game and all of them have the same feeling about the game: cool idea, cool preview articles and so on but somehow we can’t convince ourselfs to spend the 30€ because of several reasons:
-the forum is nearly dead (which might be because of mostly useless closing of topics…don’t get it why users are not allowed to discuss)
-release gets closer and no definite information…

Just some constructive feedback from a new member here :smile:

PS: Please don’t close this topic :grin:

There has not been too much information regarding what features will be in the preview release, however Team Radiant have said that the basic systems will be implemented. These systems include building and crafting. After the initial preview release there will be continuous updates that add more features to the beta. As far as you resolution problem goes there shouldn’t be an issue, however Radiant hasn’t released any definite information yet on system requirements.

P.S. The forum is very much a alive with over 1700 users and lots of posts daily, the moderators are just trying to keep information easy to access. We don’t want the forum to become cluttered with posts about question that have already been answered, although I understand your frustration.

For example this question could have been be placed in this thread. Puting your question there will ensure the thread your question is in is not closed :smile: I have to run I think I can here @SteveAdamo coming with this Battle Axe of thread locking!


Heya, thanks for the questions :smile:

To answer a few: you’re going to get a lot of replies saying “it isn’t a beta.” The devs have shied away from using this term because what we’re getting in a month or two isn’t really close to a finished project, or a typical beta. It is somewhere between alpha-beta land, what we are calling “the first playable release.” So basically, it’s going to run, and probably run really simply.

Edit: On the specific question of screen resolution, no info yet. We’ll let you know as soon as it comes out. I’d bet my right leg thou that it will support 1280x720p. This is a very common (if not THE most common) screen resolution, and the devs are interested in making the game work for lots of people. I googled it, around 15-20% of PC users run a 1280x720p resolution.

No info is out yet because the devs are seasoned programmers and they know not to promise stuff that might not be in it. It is still being worked on as now. Expect basic functionality, workers with simple AI and simple buildings, possibly combat, etc. The idea of this first December game is to have us test a lot of stuff and then they can fix any basics before they spend months building extra parts of the program that might not work if the original parts don’t work.

So, if you’re concerned it won’t be fun at first in December, feel free to hold off and keep checking in. The goal is to release the game late 2014, so you’ll have almost a full year to pre-order if you choose. Jump in when it looks good to you.


In December we will see the “first, initial release” which is by purpose not called Beta. It will start with 3 features:

  • Construction
  • Housing
  • Modding-Interface

The final release is planned for End of 2014, so we can expect that throughout the next year more and more features will be added. To get an idea of what the final features-list might be you can check the Kickstarter-Page (including Strecth Goals).

The Graphics Test Program which is downloadable at the moment is supporting a window-mode. I guess it is save to assume that also the final game will support it, so a specific resolution might not be an issue. However, I think the reason Chris did not answer you is because things like graphic-options are simply not very high on the priority list at the moment and they will not have decided on all details.

I cannot follow the reasons you are mentioning at the end. Calling this forum “dead” shows me that you might not visit it frequently, otherwise you would see that there are a lot of discussions going on and more and more people are active. Also I have not seen a single thread which wanted to discuss something and which was closed. Topics are closed for three reasons (as far as I could observe it so far):

  • The thread included a question which was ansered.
  • There is already a thread with the same topic, so they are merged and the new topic is closed.
  • The thread is kind of spam.

I kind of agree on the “information”-part. There is no list which can be simply accessed and shows the answer to all questions. However, the game is in a very early phase and not even published the first, playable release. In addition to that there are a lot of information, but you have to look a bit for it:


Thank you guys :smile: Nice to see these replies that short after i started this thread.
(Btw I’m sorry for my english, I’m german)

Wow i didn’t know that 720p is common^^ Actually i just switched from my 360 to a custom gaming rig. These indie games are one of my top reasons for doing so. As long as I’m able to keep my 3meter(edge to edge) screen with my projector i’m happy.

This game looks so gorgeous and actually these types games were forgotten for such a long time. They need more prominence!

But i still don’t really get why topics with already answered questions need to be closed. I’d get it, if there would be a flood of the same question. But constructive and informative threads (as mine)…? Well it’s not my forum^^
No offend here! Don’t get me wrong.

why is everyone so worried about me closing threads? going to give me a complex… :wink:

oh well… welcome aboard @Poly! :smile:

re: resolutions, that’s a good question… stands to reason all “standard” options will be available…

your other questions have been thoroughly answered by our wonderful members… and while I was initially going to merge this as @twip had suggested, it doesn’t seem necessary at this point…

I’ll leave it open for a bit in the event radiant has a comment on resolutions (and will give me time to try and search using the blasted phone)…


Good to know. Thanks for now.
I hope I’ll get some more responses :smile:

I just want to get a bit more definite information. It is almost december and there is no word, yet. This is what worries me because you can’t expect anything between the 24.12.2013 and probably the 2.1.2014…which is a long time.
The silence going on about the release makes me wonder if the preview gets pushed back?

i dont think they’ve been silent about the preview release… quite the contrary… the dev blog from just six days ago (the graphics test entry) had this closing comment:

We’re super excited to be able to bring you this (very small) taste of Stonehearth, as we get nearer to our December release.

the test itself, along with the mention of a follow-up test to include fixes found during the original, would indicate that things are progressing nicely towards the December release… :+1:


The fact that they’re saying that they want the December release to be as smooth as possible, which is why they’re doing the tests now to iron out major early problems, is seriously promising. If it was needing to be pushed back, they’d unlikely be worrying about the smoothness of the release. If this ‘silence’ is their absence on the forums, they’re busy writing the game, that’s why they’re not on here. And to be honest, Doug has been a regular since he joined and Steph and Chris come on fairly frequently.

As for definite information, there really isn’t much more. As @voxel_pirate said:


Then, as he also said, it will continue to add features in reasonably regular updates (being a bit speculative here, but they’ve said there’ll be updates) until next September. So in December you will have those 3 things, but by February there’ll likely be some new things. If you’re waiting for any more information, I don’t see why; there really isn’t much more. @SteveAdamo mentioned he’d thought the questions had been “thoroughly answered” and I’d agree.

If you’re waiting for any more information from the team, we’ve heard several times that what we’re getting are the core features mentioned above. If there’s any further word from them, it’ll be on here, their website which either they or other members will put links to on here, or Tom will say it during a livestream, the link to which will be on here. So just stay here to keep posted if you don’t see the current features as enough :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. @SteveAdamo, your thread closing is fine and appropriate, don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks @Smokestacks … i would also add that there will (possibly) be “light” combat… potentially even one-sided, based on @Tom’s recent comments…

so, building, crafting, modding and possibly some combat… :+1:

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That’s the Steam Hardware survey it shows all data from submitted users on Steam.

I would agree and also pony up my right leg. It seems highly unlikely that 1280x720 wouldn’t be supported out of the gate. Every game I have seen in development has run the standard gambit right from the start.

I am also all-in and bet the right legs of @Roughshod and @Crobo that we will not face big resolution issues (Windows Mode 4tw) :wink:.

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How it sounds:

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Godus does not feature 720p^^

Even so I’d find it odd if Stonehearth doesn’t support it out the gate.

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Very interesting to see this on there:


English 51.09%

Russian 17.30%

German 5.58%

Spanish 4.71%

French 4.04%

Brazilian Portuguese 2.97%

Simplified Chinese 2.37%

Polish 1.80%

Korean 1.55%

Portuguese 1.07%

Italian 1.06%

Thai 0.99%

Japanese 0.86%

Swedish 0.78%

Turkish 0.63%

Danish 0.62%

Dutch 0.50%

Traditional Chinese 0.49%

Czech 0.49%

Finnish 0.40%

Norwegian 0.32%

Hungarian 0.24%

Romanian 0.06%

Greek 0.04%

Bulgarian 0.02%

Unknown 0.00%

I’m just surprised at the amount of Russian. Maybe most of Europe teaches English so people use that, but in Russia they don’t so people just stick with Russian? I don’t know.

Apologies for going off-track, it’s @Crobo’s fault! *Provide me with stats and I’m going to investigate *

so… you are telling that in the beta the only thing we will be able to do is building houses, over and over again?

Cause if it is so then i want my 30$ back…

It isn’t just that, but I’m curious as to what you were expecting?

It is confirmed (pretty much, Tom hates 100%s) that there will be construction, housing and a modding-interface. In terms of gameplay, you’ll be able to gather resources, build houses, probably will be able to become a few different classes. It is a city building game though. There are quite a lot of houses in cities…

And of course, for the features we are only talking about the very first release in December. By March there should be quite a lot more. What they’ve said is that to make it easy to mod, they’re having to do a lot of engine work. But after that adding content should be really easy. So creating the first class maybe took 3x the effort it could have. However you can create 5 classes after that in the time it would have taken you to create 1.

I was expecting of course housing but also the possibilitys of making farms, stocking the food , armoring my citiziens to defend from goblins attacks, i was also expecting that you could gain more citiziens?

And also maybe being able to build other things then houses and doors such as walls or tower? e.,e