Paulsoaresjr Stonehearth Let's Play

Today Youtuber Paulsoarsejr started a Stonehearth Let’s Play!

Check it out!


Not sure if that is good or bad :-/

Yeah! I love Paul! :smiley:

Wow, big youtuber to pick up Stonehearth :slight_smile: good news for Radiant

yeah, he was an early backer… absolutely love his series (very kid friendly … got my kids hooked on him!)

will definitely give this a watch, thanks! :smiley:

It seems mostly good for Stonehearth. I see a lot of people comparing it to “It looks like this other game.” However, there are a lot of positive comments, so yay.

If he comes back to it a few alphas down the road (or beta), I’m sure that will be great for the game with all the new content they put in.

Yeah back in the day his review of early alpha got me hooked on Stonehearth.


Sweet Paulsoares is one of my favorite lpers

Paulsoaresjr was the one who introduced me to Stonehearth. It’s great to see him doing a Let’s Play series that will introduce even more people to the game

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GennyB just tweeted out that he is starting a new series that his Timber and Stone viewers will like crosses fingers hopefully it is Stonehearth.

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just finished with E01… very positive, and its clear that @paulsoaresjr is a fan of the game… as is typical, he points out what works as well as where he’s finding issues… :+1:


Let us know how this turns out

It was a good, I started up another topic on it under fan media for Gennybs series

here’s EP02… @paulsoaresjr is clearly having a blast with SH… :smile:


Oh hey Steve! Yeah, pretty cool stuff so far :smile:


Welcome to the forums Paul!

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Love Paul. He’s the reason I bought this game.


Aw, thanks! Happy to share these awesome indies :smile: