GenerikB Stonehearth MiniSeries


My favorite youtuber has started up a new Stonehearth miniseries, so happy that bigger youtubers are picking up this game for series lately.


thanks! watching it now… he is clearly having fun with SH! :smile:


I don’t like how big YouTubers are starting to play Stonehearth to tell the truth. It might be good for the team so people will buy the game but the community will get polluted with little kids who play Minecraft and have no reason. Any how that’s just my crazy thoughts on it :wink:


We have an awesome community and I think it’s up to the community to promote a continued positive environment


That’s true but a lot of the kids who play Minecraft can be very very rude and bad and trolls. And the big YouTube video makers make a lot of videos off of Minecraft so . …


don’t worry @SteveAdamo will protect us all :smiley:


He is are knight in shining armor as are all the moderators :smiley:


well leather armor, shining armor hasn’t been implemented yet :wink:


oh that’s true but not long tell it is i hope :stuck_out_tongue:


Could’ve just kept it at “bah humbug” to be honest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Seriously though, look at the graphics for Stonehearth: 10yr old Minecraft kiddies will be playing this a lot, and these forums will be flooded with clueless newbies, idiot trolls and the like come the release (well, unless it just remains a tiny cult game like DF :stuck_out_tongue: ). In the mean time, more exposure for the game for Radiant means more sales and more support for them.

Worst case scenario, we make a secret veteran forum for everyone who’s been around since the alpha or something, and play our map games and the like in peace under the benevolent gaze of @SteveAdamo & @Geoffers747 :stuck_out_tongue: .



He was super positive about this game. I really liked the excitement about all the things I now take for granted in this game. :blush:

I think this series will do nothing but positive things for Stonehearth and Team Radiant. Just get your IT hats on and prepare for the flood of questions.

Steadies himself in his IT spartan outfit


Like @Teleros said: The more exposure and the more popular Stonehearth gets means more sales, more income, and a better game. There are always pros and cons of being really popular. I think it’s absolutely worth it. Radiant deserves success.


I already said it would give the team more money lol


praise to the moderators and praise to sid.(or is it cid, i dont remember)