Stonehearth in the Press (Twonkhammer Entertainment)

Good day all,

My name is Dan and I work for Twonkhammer Entertainment, a gaming news, information, and podcast website. We came across Stonehearth about a week ago and thought it deserved some press and decided to give it a segment in our latest episode of The Ban Hammer, recorded last Sunday. ( The segment starts at 51:45. However, to properly move to the time stamp you may need to download the episode first.

Today we published an article featuring Stonehearth ( We hope you enjoy! The game looks great.


Thanks for that awesome and comprehensive article! :slight_smile: We really appreciate it.

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This is fairly amazing right here.

@sdee No, thank you for perusing work on an amazing concept. We are really looking forward to Radiant Entertainment’s finished product. If there is anything we can do for you in the press, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Tom has my work email.

@Pendryn Thanks for the complement. Our hope is to continue writing articles featuring Stonehearth as new information is revealed and milestones are reached.