Stonehearth at PAX East in Boston, March 10-12!

Hey Everyone!

Stonehearth is journeying once again to PAX – this time to PAX East (our first time for this show). It’s being held this coming weekend, March 10 to 12, at the Boston Convention and Exhibit Center.

We have the same cool booth we had in Seattle, and once again there’s swag while it lasts! So if you’re attending PAX East, please come by! We’d love to meet you. Almost the entire Stonehearth team will be present, so this is your big chance to corner us live and in person. We’ll be showcasing the newly-hatched Alpha 21 (now on Steam unstable).

This also means that with the entire team out of the office, we won’t be very active on Discourse from March 9 through 13 (because travel days + show). We’ll be back in the office on March 14 and look forward to reporting back on all our PAX adventures.

See you in Boston!


Literally as I was typing this comment to sarcastically complain about not having pushed the latest branch out in 4 minutes, (I mean, come on. It shoulda taken like 2 seconds!! /s), I get a pop-up in the bottom right hand corner of my screen, and Steam starts downloading it.

GG @brad. GG


You blokes (and birds!) get down to Melbourne PAX this year and I will BUY YOU ALL DRINKS ALL NIGHT. No bulldust!

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`Sorry eh. i can’t spend that much money to fly over from the Netherlands to Boston USA.

lookin forward to see you guys closer to home.

Best of luck at PAX East, ladies and gents! I know you’ll do great. :slight_smile:

Why can’t there be a PAX (or anything) in the middle :glum: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


an update before PAX, that was awesome

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