Desktop Tuesday 11th June 2013

[url]Revisiting the Carpenter, Livestream Thursday at 16:00 PDT[/url]

The livestream will focus on overhauling the workshop model. [url] Check your timezone here! [/url]

As usual the stream can be watched over at the [url] twitch channel [/url].



I have a silly question.

Are you a forum moderator?

There are people who believe that he is. But every time I am checking his status… he turns into a mortal “regular user” :wink2:.

P.S. Yes he is as is SteveAdamo.

Not a silly question at all, and yes I am :smile: so is @SteveAdamo but we don’t talk about him.

I cant wait to see it :slight_smile:

It’s posted now, hurry over!

Yer, I don’t think the user level changes to reflect moderator status - the devs are all regular users!

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@Geoffers747 Yes, have red this somewhere on the Discourse-Forum. The rights you have (e.g. Admin or Moderator) are not “overwriting” the status. You just have additional rights and as it seems a fancy yellow frame around your name.

Update: And there is a not less fancy “magic wand” shown next to your name on the profile :blush:.

Forum moderators may not have many special privileges on the forums, but they do start each game of Stonehearth with a tamed Titan. PvP’ers beware!

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Oh yer! I didn’t even notice that! Oh @voxel_pirate you’re so resourceful sometimes!

@Stromclaw As awesome as that would be :tongue: we just do the things we do for love. Well, @Steveadamo does it for selfish desires and glory, I do it for love.


cant wait for the live stream, i am so happy :smile:

@Geoffers747 perhaps @SteveAdamo should be added as a Titan in the game - just so we can all take him down a peg or two?

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What happened? There are 3 mentions of @SteveAdamo above and he hasn’t replied yet.

bah! can’t a man take his kiddos out to dinner in peace! must i constantly have to babysit @Geoffers747?

trick question… yes, i musthugs

now… bask in my glory!

oh, and excellent Desktop Tuesday! three cheers for @sdee for saving the workshop! :+1:

official stuff

ok, so given the pending livestream, should we start collecting some questions here? @Geoffers747, you’ve been spear-heading the google docs process, correct?

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ähhhhhhmmmmm have i missed the video or is the Desktop Tuesday now set on Thursday? … if i have missed it - AHHHHHHH there is no recording :cry:

Fear not, Desktop Tuesday is on Tuesday, and has not changed to Thursday, it simply announced a livestream Thursday. An upcoming event, so no recording of it yet;)

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Incorrect my good sir! I actually am not quite sure who has been running the Google moderator stuff. Which is my way of saying I can’t remember the name. Although I’m not sure that matters … I’m sure we can gather something like a top 10 questions in here and make the guys aware of it!

@Geoffers747 Obviously that sounds to me like an request to post questions :smiley:

  • In some videos / pictures you can see flags and standards with different logos on them. Is it planned to offer customization for them? Will we need to “mod” it, or might there be an ingame “import picture”-option?
  • Will it be possible to de-construct own buildings (and ruins found in the world), to gain back resources?
  • Stephanie already highlighted some difficulties related to localization. Any outlook how localization might work? E.g. will there be a simple language file which needs to be translated and that’s it?
  • Why will there be no cows (even if they are sooo cute and totally stonehearthish)?
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Couldn’t just ask one could you! :tongue:

Head over [url] here [/url] and ask one :slight_smile:

A rhetorical question, right? :wink:

P.S. If I bribe you, will you ask one of the remaining 3? Consider it your fault, that I cannot ask about the cows now.

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