Toms best quotes library


k u guys on stream thought this was a good idea to put all of toms funny remarks , here goes XD

Stephanie's Best Quotes Library

Keep it cute -Tom 2015


“I wish I understood what I was doing too” -Tom 2015


“Lets Nuke that” -Tom 2015


“Turtlesquish your the best” -Virtual Tom 2015 :wink:


“Boom” -Tom 2015 (shortest quote)


“Holy cow this is crazy, is this like a Windows 8 thing” -Tom 2015


“Work-in-progress guys, work-in-progress.” -Tom 2014-2015 (He’s actually said this a lot…)


“Oh great, I’ve always wanted bird baths”


“Yes. We have bugs.”

  • Tom, in any stream or blog post… or tweet… or Instagram… or



“Stubby is Cute” -Tom


“Stop asking for goggles!” -Tom, Kickstarter days


“The Fun Party is Empty” - Tom 2015


“We’ve written our own engine in C++ and OpenGL. Most of the gameplay is scripted in LUA. The GUI is written in HTML/JS.” - Tom, every Tuesday and Thursday


“Goblins: completely full of themselves, hilariously incompetent.” - Tom 2015


“Let’s wait for the delay.” - Tom, 2014


“That will break everything, everything.” -Tom, 2015


“The goblins exist to be slaughtered” -Tom, 2015


tom having issues with a bug ‘‘what is your deal yo!!!’’

tom gets an error and whispers ‘’ YOU LIEEE THATS A LIEE!!!’’


“That’s not horrible” Tom when creating in qubicle constructor 2015.