Stephanie's Best Quotes Library

Continuing the discussion from Toms best quotes library:

and from the sadly much-less-loved Tony’s Best Quotes Library:

Unfortunately, while @Tom has hundreds of quotes, and @Ponder has exactly nine (ten, including “doot doo-doot doo-doo”, but Tom claims that he said it first) every other streamer has no quotes at all. This must be fixed! And because @sdee did the last couple of streams, it’s a good time to make one less member of Radiant go quoteless by starting:
#Stephanie’s Best Quotes Library

"I think daggers look particularly badass when wielded backwardly." - Stephanie 2015

“Oh my God so purple!” - Stephanie 2015

I’m going to roll out the few that I have slowly as to stretch this out. If you have more, reply and add them here!

i originally was going to change the original toms best quotes thread into “best stream quotes” or some such thing, but i never got around to it.

currently i dont have any quotes, because you stole,

[quote=“coasterspaul, post:1, topic:14928”]
“I think daggers look particularly badass when wielded backwardly.” - Stephanie 2015
[/quote]and thats the only one i remember :frowning:

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Erm… I don’t want her to feel upset because of this. :sweat_smile:
I also thought about more best quotes threads, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

I have yet to see her last stream, but I remember that in her first livestream she was a bit concerned about saying something wrong that would be remembered forever and that anyone in the world could hear/see at any moment (since it’s a video archive). Or something like that.

This could apply also for the twins but we already did it >_> (and it was fun)…


That’s something I was worried about too, and then I pressed the post button anyways.

@sdee, just say the word and I’ll clear my posts in this thread and one of the mods can lock it. Otherwise, I’m probably going to continue this.


oh man, I wrote down three quotes from her last stream… and now I’ve misplaced them!

the humanity!!!

considers making up some silly quotes in the meantime


I’m really surprised no one has the an “Ummmm” Montage from the livestreams. I think they’ve said Um like 40-70 times per week. Should be enough to make a dubstep song :stuck_out_tongue:


if i had skills of any sorts, then i would make a compilation of every “umm…” that a member of TR has ever made, and make it so it sounded like a dubstep song.

sadly i dont have skills.

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Thanks for being thoughtful about it, everyone. :wink: Tell you what; how about mods have veto-delete rights on posts, as usual, and you only put quotes up there that you wouldn’t mind being on the internet forever if YOU said them. :wink:

It will help me exercise my “talking on the internet filter”; win win for everyone!


Someone asked what tags on buffs do, and the answer was:
“I’m not sure what tags do but I’m sure they do something.” - Stephanie 2015
Not too much later, we learned what tags on buffs actually do.

As for the quote itself, I think anyone who’s ever looked through the game files can relate to it.


“OK! Autocontrast me! Alright, that’s pretty good!” Stephanie 08/2015

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Apparently my clipboard has been reset due to an unavoidable restart. Well, at least I remember a bit…

“I’m so excited for these colors. I’ve been waiting for these colors for years!” - Stephanie 2015
"The one with the catapult is me." - Stephanie 2015