[Dear Tom] Live Stream 4PM PST - Oct 15th 2013

as mentioned in today’s Desktop Tuesday, we’ll have another live stream tonight!

I’ll be taking a first nibble at the eating/drinking systems in the game, mostly modelling and animating.

@Geoffers747 and i will (try to) grab some questions from the live stream bank, and collect them here, to make it easier for @Tom this evening…

feel free to post your new questions here as well… :+1:

please note: random comments of “heck yeah!”, while appreciated, will likely be removed to help focus on the questions… :smile:


some other helpful conversions:

Oslo (Norway) = 01:00 AM
Berlin (Germany) = 01:00 AM
Amsterdam (Netherlands) = 01:00 AM
Sydney (Australia) = 09:00 AM
Paris (France) = 01:00 AM
Moscow (Russia) = 03:00 AM
London (England) = 00:00 AM

I’d like to hear his opinion on steam trains! And his plans for the engi.

will the playable release feature combat when it comes at us in december?

[color=blue]answered: maybe… probably one ended combat, where things attack you. you might have a means to defend or fight back, if not, early update after december[/color]

Can we link the discussion on task priority? Or should we just have a question to sum it up? (feel free to delete this post if/when you’ve dealt with it)

mod edit:

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Is the construction of buildings mechanic finished? If not, what is lacking?

[color=blue]answered: not finished… lots to do… had to rethink, as original system wasnt moddable… you can now make parts as qubicle files… wont have to learn to script as much[/color]

Will ‘normal’ worker be able to gather food? Or is this task only for hunters and farmers only?

[color=blue]answered: yes[/color]

What does the fox say?

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Related to eating / drinking

  • Will food be mandatory to grow your town or will it just provide a buff? I.e. will workers starve / stop working if hungry?
  • Did you already decide if the size of a town’s population will be depending on the food you can provide?
  • Will there be a storage for food, or do players have to diversify (e.g. growing cows and crops) to survive the hard winters with less harvest?
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  • Will crops be dependent on the seasons? As in, will certain crops grow better at certain parts of the year, allowing the player to maximize yields by focussing on crop rotation? Or is this a bit too micro?
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First post from a long time lurker and Kickstarter backer. The following questions are all about ecology, its depth and the control we can exert over it.

Will rabbits be pests; eating your crops?

[color=blue]answered: yes[/color]

Will rabbits simply spawn in certain biomes or will they spawn from an object such as a hole or perhaps a burrow which can be removed/rigged with traps?

Will there be a food chain? e.g. wolves will eat rabbits; thus, if we focus on hunting wolves rabbit populations will grow and be a greater threat to our crops. Conversely if the wolf population is not controlled they will pose a threat to settlers and there’ll be less rabbits for us to hunt.

If we destroy the habbitat of a creature will the local population of that creature become extinct? e.g. wild boar forage in wooded areas, if we deforest an area will boar cease to be able to inhabit that area/spawn?

Thanks for taking the time to stream twice this week and perhaps answering these questions!


Are we gonna see Elves in-game? It was mentioned, but never set in stone. After dwarfs, hopefully :smiley:

Will different foods provide different benefits/buffs to your settlers?

Meat provides attack strength, bread boosts maximum health, etc.

[color=blue]answered: yes, including but no limited to speed increases, requiring less sleep, etc.[/color]

Can you add Orc flesh as a food?

[color=blue]answered: there might be zombie flesh as food[/color]

I and many others want to use SH to create animated shows like Red vs Blue and many others.

Will their be a special animation mode (similar to Source Filmmaker) for us to uses ?
If not, will their be a way for us to mod the game. So, it can be used for animation?


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Dear Tom,
I have been watching how StoneHearth has been growing since June this year & I have a couple of questions

1.Will the early release be on Steam?
2.How hard will it be to keep a settlement alive?
3.How big will worlds be?

Hey Tom,

will there be a role limit? like for example you can only have a certain amount of farmers or is it as many as you like?

will biome terrian have effects ,benefits, and de-buffs?

hey folks… ill try to watch the stream later, and we’ll tag those questions that were answered by @Tom this evening…

meanwhile, here’s the archive link! :+1:

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