Radiant hired another Coder?


Sitting in the “office” (still my living room), but for the first time
we have 4 butts in chairs, all happily coding away. #Progress.

Sounds to me like Radiant has hired a second coder, no?!

P.S. @SteveAdamo & @Geoffers747 … any new registrations in the Forum with Admin-rights? :stuck_out_tongue:.

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It seems so, or else they might have a guest coder for the week :wink:

Who is this mystery man or woman, I hope they do a livestream when they introduce us to him or her

I know @CannonJunior is helping them out, maybe it’s him?

For me it sounds like someone new: “… first time we have 4…”, I hope they did not let CannonJunior stand in the past and only now he is allowed to sit :wink:.

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That’s true, I mean he has been helping them out for a few weeks I think, so maybe!

Haha, well sibling rivalry and all that!

nope, no new admins or moderators yet… but good suggestion… :wink:

yeah, he’s involved with all the physical reward distribution, etc. (along with a host of other things, i’m sure)… but this new 4th has to be one of the folks that @Tom mentioned they were trying to bring onboard (during one of the last few streams)…

Agree with you @SteveAdamo… would be great news and hopefully speed up even more the development process. Just wondering how many people will fit into Tom’s living room at the end. Forget Las Vegas… next EVO-turnament takes place in Tom’s kitchen :wink:.


hahahah… well, back on July 9th, they mentioned this… so, hopefully they’ll be in their new “home” soon… :wink:

The good news is that we’ve signed a lease for our new offices! The
place needs a little fixing up, so we will probably move in about a
month or so.

Speaking of the livestream, shouldn’t there be another one coming up fairly soon, like tomorrow, if I’m not mistaken?

they’re arent regularly scheduled… the timeslot is somewhat standard (4PM PST), but the streams themselves dont happen every week… more likely every other week (or of course, as time permits)…

@ManOfRet I also recall he said that there would be another stream in 2 weeks from the official “We’re back” stream.

Well, he said more something like that he hopes to continue with a loose bi-weekly schedule… sounded more like an idea to me than a hard commitment. But I am the last who will fight against another stream :wink:. Just don’t be too disappointed if it takes a few more days.

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Nope! Not me. Currently just helping with admin type stuff. Keeps my hands busy so they do not drag on the ground so much.
Coder #4 is older, wiser, smarter, and more talented than me. But I am taller, so I got that going for me, which is nice. Perhaps @Tom will give an official reveal soon!


Perhaps the 4th is simply a cloned Tony… How painful was it, @Ponder?

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there’s absolutely no shame in a little knuckle-dragging… just ask @Geoffers747

even though i am somewhat “height disadvantaged” myself, i take no offense at this remark… vive napoleon!

I think is name is Chris. I once sent a email to raindententertainment and recieved a email from chris saying the reply.

That would be @CannonJunior! He’s the brother they keep out of the limelight, in the back room of the house, in the dark with only the computer screen to light his manly tears.

It’s true, it keeps them super soft though.

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Does anyone know if they’re in their new offices yet?

according to the last twitter response from @Tom (on the 31st), not just yet…

Sitting in the “office” (still my living room), but for the first time
we have 4 butts in chairs, all happily coding away