Ask Radiant: Round 1

hey folks! so, the alpha is out in the wild, and we’re past the initial rush of insanity! :clap:

once again, we want to congratulate Radiant on a job well done!

we couldnt be happier with how the development has progressed, how the alpha turned out, and what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks and months!

with that in mind, @Geoffers747 and i thought it would be fun to have a “mini AMA” of sorts… depending on how this turns out, we may try to have these a couple of times a month… here’s how we would like it play out:

this thread will remain open until we get five questions from the community, each of which receiving five likes… once we have those five questions, the thread will be locked, and the original post will be updated with those questions…

Team Radiant would then respond to the mini community AMA… sound like fun? :smiley:

Ask Radiant Rules

  • only one question per response
  • only two questions per member
  • you can like as many submissions as you please
  • the first five questions to receive at least 5 likes will make this rounds list of questions

ok, simple enough… ask away! :+1:

p.s. we have yet to discuss this with Team Radiant… but seeing as @Geoffers747 has some rather embarrassing footage of @Doug singing karaoke at the team’s New Years Eve party, i think we’re golden…

really @Doug ? Islands in the Stream? shakes his head

Round One Questions


Awesome! I’m predicting big popularity on this thread!

Alright: Radiant Entertainment, how will you handle government in the game? I have heard you guys mention it in the stretch goals, but it wasn’t terribly clear. So: will there be a government in the game at all, or will you be the government and the invisible hand of fate? If there is to be a government system, how will t be handled?

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Brilliant! My question:

Is Mac support something that will happen post release or is there an Alpha version in the works?

Not impatient, just wondering. No pressure :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve!


Ok then, let’s go :smile:

My question:
**Where are the bunnies?? **:frowning: I was so sure we would be eating bunnies on a stick when I saw the campfire… :smiley: Seriously, now - are we going to see some special/cool hunting mechanics different from your-average-citizen-with-a-bow? (just wondering, I love hunting in games!)

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@DaniAngione I was about to like your question about the bunnies…until you brought up hunting and eating theme. From that point forward, we’ve now become mortal enemies and I will not rest until…eh what the heck, here’s a like! :thumbsup:


Alright I’ll throw one up here:

What are your design goals in terms of time consistency?

What I mean is the amount of time it takes to gather and build. I personally think that there is a balance somewhere between realistic and actually fun to play. An example would be your small house. Within one game day should I be able to build multiple houses, or should it take weeks like real life. Like I said, it’s not really fun to wait a long time for your settlement to grow, but I want the game to last a long time. I don’t want to start a new settlement every few days to feel that satisfying achievement of growth, but I also understand that if things take too long it loses some of the fun.

Optimally, I should be able to build things in a reasonable amount of time but still find growth with weeks of working with the same town.

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Awesome idea @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747, particularly on the ‘getting Radiant to do things without them saying they would part’! I shall see if telling them to work 24/7 non-stop works too! :smile:

Anyway, my question would be on something maybe people don’t actually know about yet:
In the locale folder in Stonehearth, you have 53 what seems to be files for alternate translations. Did you get translators in? And when will we be seeing them usable?

If this is breaking the rules about the questions, feel free to edit it, I just thought as it was all one topic, it made little sense to spread it through multiple posts


Will the world have less mountains in the upcoming alpha 2? If not, estimate on when that will be?

Lol, don’t worry. I really meant it when I said in games because I like the concept/idea of hunting traps, stealth, tracking and all these things that our cool hunters could possibly do :smile:

But by no means I wanted to say that I like hunting as an activity, lol :stuck_out_tongue: I’m with you on that one, just like it in games :smile:

ok awesome i have always wondered, how will resources like stone and metal ore be obtained? i have read through forums and the blogs and found nothing on a miner class, but also will the miner find nodes on the surface or will a building with a mine shaft be used? i’m mostly interested in this so i can work on mod ideas.

thank you

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I’m really tempted to/a little surprised nobody has made a goggles question


It seems bug reports will do less good unless they can be matched with a crash report. If crashes are reported automatically, should we not report those bugs? So in question format: How do we match our bug reporting to crash reports, a GUID in a file, a crash file, something?

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are you working on that bug were you cant finish a house because the workers stop working on it and keep moving and dropping items but they drop them to eat and sleep.

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Hi I’m asking for the people that want to understand the code a little better How do you add entities, may not be necessary since many of the best tinkerers are coming from holiday


My other question better just spend them right now will you be making a quick modding tutorial/guide and better explain the code structure :smiley:

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**No Question **
If you mean to add entities here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth\entities then I can help you.
If you want to add anything you need the Home- or Master Version of Qubicle Constructor because you need it to open .qb files.
Now if you want to replace some models you need first to look how big they are and where they are positioned. (important if you replace some humans or moving things!)

For example a human in stonehearth has a Matrix measured with these: width: 31; height: 41; depth: 31 but you can see what I mean if you open QC and “drag and drop” a human .qb file into QC.
If you only double-click on a .qb file it will only open a new empty QC window!

Now you have to look (only important for moving objects I think) that each peace of your model e.g. finger, arme, torso, pelvis etc. have the same name as the original object that you’d like to replace. The same here load the .qb that you’d like to replace and look how this peaces are named. But be care full if you rename them and the original object is in the same window opened your renamed peace adds a _0 behind your name. So befor you save your objekt look if you have deleted each _0 or _1 etc. so you will get no problems afterwards.

The last thing you have to do is now export all your peaces into a .qb file so you have to do this:
File -> Export all… -> file type: .qb and then if you see this window:
delete the checkmark next to Compression realy important otherwise Stonehearth will crash!

Now you have your own .qb file. So go to entities copy your own .qb in the folder where you want to have it. Save the original .qb file for example by rename example.qb -> and then you rename your_own_file.qb -> example.qb and you’re done. :wink:

Maybe the video from @voxel_pirate will help you what you have to do after this last step:


love the in-depth guide, i was more thinking along the lines of adding the to the game,like the mammoth for example adding a critter entity, though i will definitely have use in your guide aswell thanks

sorry for not being, more thorough with the question

Ok, my question: How will new villagers be obtained?

Will they be attracted and wander into your settlement and join upon reaching the flag, a la Timber and Stone? Or will there be a little hanky panky between two villagers and a child spawns who grows up? Or maybe you just purchase a new guy with food or some other resource, who spawns fully formed and ready to work?

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Are you guys a bit overwhelmed? (in matter of work, bugs etc)

Ok, second question, and I may just be missing something, so if the community can answer thats just as good as the Devs. How do you put a door in a wall looped section of building? I can’t figure this out for the life of me.