Ask Radiant: Round 2!

hey folks!

its been almost three months to the day since our first “ask radiant”… and since it went over so well, we figured, let’s press our luck! :smile:

just as we did last previously, this thread will remain open until we get five questions from the community, each of which receiving five likes… once we have those five questions, the thread will be locked, and the original post will be updated with those questions…

Team Radiant would then respond to the mini community AMA… sound like fun (again)? let’s do this thing! :smiley:

Ask Radiant Rules

  • only one question per response
  • only two questions per member
  • you can like as many submissions as you please
  • the first five questions to receive at least 5 likes will make this rounds list of questions

ok, simple enough… ask away! :+1:

p.s. once again, we have yet to discuss this with Team Radiant… however, we still have said incriminating evidence, yadda yadda… get to askin! :smile:

p.p.s as a reminder, here’s the last round of questions…


Will there ever be cookies or cakes in-game?

mod edit: Question #2

I’ve got a Question for the Brilliant Minds at Radiant Entertainment.


mod edit: Question #1

How’s the water coming?

Jokes aside, how will water fit into the game? Will we need a nearby water source to survive, like a ocean, lake, or pond? Could we make wells to find water where there is none (like deserts)?

If we do create a coastal village, will we be visited by Deep Ones? Flying Nautilus-es? Sea monsters? Water Titans? KAIJU?!

Even if no progress has been made, what are your hopes or ideas?


mod edit: Question #3

What will happen when a villager dies? (burials memorials…)


mod edit: Bonus (followup) question

There will be underground ores and therefore digging/mining. How will that work?

Above ground the trees can be pointed out individually or by dragging a square (soon?), but working in a third dimension could be quite different. For example: (These are not questions, they are examples :blush:)

-Do we mark out a mine entrance and just wait for the results to come (no management), or do we:
-Assign directions all the time (constant management)?
-Or will we place a square for an opencast I guess they are called? (To prevent underground tunnels for some reason)
-Other mining methods?

This question was kind of posted in the last round, almost three month ago, but not really (or fully) answered :wink:


My second (and last) question for this round: Multiplayer

During the kickstarter, different kinds of multiplayer was heavily discussed as most of us remember :wink: In the beginning it was some kind of offline PvP versus copies of other cities. Many of us craved for online multiplayer, Coop, PvP and so on. During the kickstarter period, this topic was kind of redefined, and on today’s roadmap they are rather well specified:
-Co-op city building
-Independent city building

In terms of features, I think I am happy. However, it would be fun to hear details regarding the subject. So these thoughts/questions could be merged to a single answer :wink: **Is the game already prepared for this? Local Server included in the client or a separate server software always required? Server-pushed modpacks still realistic with current working direction? **

Actually, the question is less about features and more about how the work so far is forward compatible with all coming multiplayer features.


thanks for the excellent submissions so far! :smiley:

as a quick reminder, the more succinct/direct the question, the easier it will be for Radiant to address…

as we did last time, we’ll go over the submissions as try to highlight what appears to be the main question behind a particular submission… :+1:

mod edit: Question #5

**You are next to the beginning of the building system so Have you some ideas how will you manage it and How will it work? ** I’m asking what kind of building we could do


I’d love to hear if there are any plans for multiple-entity units. Things like a horse-drawn cart or carriage, with a person riding it (or in it), a proper turning animation & such.


Yes. I don’t know what you mean by extensions but remember that the vast majority of current mods is just reskinning models. Unless you mean something else by textures like image textures for voxels in which case I’m pretty sure it’s stated somewhere no you can’t.

Is there any plans on how to deal with file editing in our mods? I can’t remember if config saving is in yet so that as well if it’s not.
Notably the ability to change files within our mod and the ability to create and manipulate child mods. It’s mainly of interest because it’s essential to developing decent in-game modding tools. For indecent we just use the zip algorithm and store zip files in the json as strings but that seems torturous at best.

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Since the farmer is being developed and nearly done. What other classes will have optimization mini games besides the farmer? Will there be a shephard, or cook mini game? Combat or blacksmith?


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Wanted to ask another question, hope that’s ok if not delete this one please @SteveAdamo

**How will seasons affect your town on a grand scale? It was mentioned that certain crops may only grow during certain times but will that affect other classes as well? Will the scout have different animals to snare as some go to hibernate/migrate? Will the seasons affect magic classes as the equinox comes and goes? **

mod edit: per the rules, each person can submit up to two questions… you’re good! :smiley:


And for the second question when the weaver will arrive can we do some clothes?=P so we could begin to have stuff to equip our citizen =D (sorry I didn’t read all the rules=P)

Will farming make use of seeds? So you need seed X before you can make a farm for that.

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My question:


I haven’t seen any children so far in any of the update screenshots ( correct me if I’m wrong) and I’d especially like to see Dwarven children, are they bearded prematurely, are the babies so small they fit in the palm of your hand? How will their growing-up work will it link into the seasons that @Crobo mentioned so it takes about 24 visible environmental changes before you aren’t losing people looking after your children ?,also will there be animal babies ( how do you maintain a population nescasary for husbandry on a scale large enough to feed a settlement ?)?

technically, we have our fifth and final question, with the votes received for @tkh’s first question (on mining)… however, a similar question was asked last time…

Q: How will resources like stone and metal ore be obtained?

For stone, you’ll be able to harvest stone outcroppings on the surface, or mine into the earth. Ore will be found exclusively underground, so you’ll need to mine for it. We’re brainstorming now on ways for you to find ore underground without digging a ton of exploratory mine shafts. Stay tuned.

what say we all? keep this as the last question, or wait for another to reach 5 likes?

It’s a discussion point that has come up a few times around the place, I believe the answer at the moment is there won’t be children in the game, your population will grow via incoming travellers/ settlers etc.

@SteveAdamo anything you wanna add to this one?

Sorry I thought as the thread was still open I could still reply…

no sir… other than the team has basically said kids are hard… they want units to love, mourn, etc. and that this might be discussed later…

as to my earlier question, I’m not sure I wrote it correctly… I was trying to determine if we should take @tkh’s question as #5, and lock this up… but it was so similar to one that was submitted last time, I wasn’t sure…

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