[Answers] Ask Radiant: Round 1

hey folks! if you recall from last week, we introduced a new concept: Ask Radiant!

we opened a thread where folks could submit their questions to the team, and we collected the first several entries that received five or more likes…

those questions were submitted to Team Radiant, and here are their responses… enjoy! :smile:

note: we will certainly have additional rounds, but keep in mind these “mini AMA’s” will only be answered as the team finds the spare cycles… :wink:

Q: How will you handle government in the game? :point_right: @Swift_Cube

We have no current plans for implementing forms of government in the game. You may be referring to the Order of Applied Equivocation, aka the “Ninjas, Pirates, and Politicians” faction. This is basically and order of bad guys who may come to visit your town to take advantage of your citizens, like a tax collector.

Q: What are your design goals in terms of time consistency? :point_right: @Ezrick

In all cases of time, game feel trumps reality. Building a small house will take less than a day. We started out making people eat 3 times a day, but then ended up spending all their time eating. It wasn’t fun, so we’re reducing that and tuning some more. We’re shooting for a pacing that “feels” real and is fun, over one that’s more accurate according to the rules of the real world, but not as fun.

Q: Where are the bunnies? Are we going to see some special/cool hunting mechanics different from your-average-citizen-with-a-bow? :point_right: @DaniAngione

Bunnies are coming soon! We’re working on them now. Hunting mechanics are still being designed, so please stay tuned for that one.

Q: How will resources like stone and metal ore be obtained? :point_right: @moondrixx_01

For stone, you’ll be able to harvest stone outcroppings on the surface, or mine into the earth. Ore will be found exclusively underground, so you’ll need to mine for it. We’re brainstorming now on ways for you to find ore underground without digging a ton of exploratory mine shafts. Stay tuned.

Q: How will new villagers be obtained? :point_right: @Durstalph

You’ll have to exchange food for new citizens. Our current thinking is that every few days, your town will be visited by a caravan. The caravan’s offerings will changed based on how your town has developed since the last visit. If you have a strong food surplus, then migrants who are travelling with the caravan will offer to join your town, in exchange for a bit of your food.

The exact method is still up for debate within the team, but we really like the dynamic of requiring food to get more settlers.

Q: How will destruction be handled in the game? :point_right: @The_M

We want to get to destructible buildings eventually, but honestly this is pretty far out for us. When we do get there, we want to support destruction of buildings down to the individual voxel level. Your settlers will be able to repair damage buildings when you tell them to. You won’t have to manually re-create each individual piece that gets destroyed.


I really dig the Caravan idea, hope it gets implemented well! :smiley:


yeah i also really like the that idea because if you are a trading city you’ll have loads of citizens to sell or trade

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You want to trade slaves…?

*Cracks the whip*

I …

Well …

I think it’s more of a trade your food for a settler - all voluntary and consensual …


Well, Slavery isn’t all bad! Free Labour = More Money…

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Destruction down to an individual voxel, I like the sound of that even if it is a long way off.


annnnd, changing gears a bit… :smile:

loving this name, which i hope wasnt made in jest, but will actually make it into the game! :+1: they just sound… devious:smile:

this should be interesting… mind you, a little mindless strip-mining never killed anyone… wait, scratch that…

i love the idea of the visiting caravan, with a varying array of resources, depending on how well you are progressing in the game… good DM/Game Master vibe there… :+1:


back too slaves don’t its natural to have slaves in your own world three labour yayyyy!!!

No … no I think we safely moved away from slaves.

And I think we should stay away for the foreseeable future!


No government? Hm, I guess you’re just the invisible hand of fate. Thanks for the response :smile:!

funnily enough, that was roughly one of the earlier comments made about the players control over units… that we serve as “orchestrators”… :wink: