[Dev Blog] Tuning the Game Pace



whaaaaa?? I was about to go to sleep!! Q_Q

What’s the :exclamation: button? :neutral_face:
Pausing the game will be really useful for making epic screenshots…

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It looks nice. Cant wait for it!

Oh lordy! I would comment on the main site but I appear to have misplaced the whole login … and it’s far too difficult to recover right now.

Really looking good, everything that is there is starting to look rather polished, and, gravity!

John Mayer would be proud.


Looking good, I also like the addition of the extra settler for the Alpha*… now just hoping that the Alpha 4 release is soon ^^ .

*It was said previously that you’ll be able to customise what you start with when making a settlement, so perhaps one of the options will be 6 +/- 1 settler, if you prefer having more people to having extra food / tool starting resources etc. Of course, that’s not implemented yet, so for now the quicker we can get past the initial stages and start doing more advanced stuff the better (yay for bug reports etc).


very “subtle” but very meaningful updates on display… :smiley:

and I’ll admit, very early on I was a bit hesitant about the direction for construction… but the more it evolves, and the more we see, the more enamored I am with the approach…

yes, enamored… let’s move on… :wink:

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I was really hoping the Alpha 4 would be out today…

But the 7th settler and faster speed in building are both top-notch additions to the game :thumbsup:

What do you think @Tom? Next Week perhaps?


Don’t deny the Mayer.

For you @Vince5754 on account of you asking, 3 - 4 weeks, for the rest of us 1 - 2 weeks :slight_smile:


Saw this already. :wink:

I imagine at this point, Radiant is just as eager to get A4 out the door, as we are to receive it… I wager it’s just a matter of squashing those crippling bugs and ironing out the balance to a reasonable level… :clock12:

edit: couple of questions, after watching the video once more (from my home PC, as opposed to my “smart phone”)… I know this will sound ridiculous, but what function will these two circled buttons play in the building process:

1) does the Edit button let you select previously built portions of a house, to replace them? does it enable you to redesign certain portions of the home before/during/after construction has begun?

2) when you select an existing building, either complete or under construction, do the same two menus appear? does the remove button imply a demolition of the house?

again, absolutely love how this methodical approach to construction has shaped up… looks like it flows very nicely… :+1:

Wild insane guess here. And if I’m wrong they can change it so I’ll be right :smile:
You built the house but forgot to put any doors in it. So you Edit it and apply a door or window.
Remove : the house isn’t really big enough anymore and you need to add a bedroom. You remove 1 wall and expand out.

please? :wink:


that was more or less my wishful thinking as well… :smile:

but I believe (at least) the “remove” button is more likely to be an option to ditch your planned construction entirely…


I’m guessing that Edit means that you could Edit your Building after it’s been built.