RadiantEntertainment - slow down

Already noticed that - no offense - but you guys look like crap. Checking the stream from the other day, as compared to when we first saw’ you guys is crazy. You got some baggy eyes, seem tired as hell… kind of just bouncing around in all.

I know you guys are working damn hard - and thats good and all but make sure you guys don’t burn yourselves out… :expressionless:


Life of a video game developer is not a pretty one. lol

your concern is obviously coming from the right place, but im pretty sure they have things well in hand…

truthfully, we only really get to see @Tom’s shining happy face… and just look at that poonum! he always looks very energized to me… :smile:

sure, there is a fair amount of additional stress right now, as they are still coming off the campaign, and transitioning into full time development… but they also have to formalize their business (setup office space, hire staff, etc.)… thats adds an immense amount of new stress to the equation…

still, they seem to have a pretty good work/life balance… at least, i certainly hope they do… i’ve seen my fair share of burnouts… :scream:

I agree they should have a beer and pizza night ( just let us know when so we can join in :smiley:) yeah I know how overly stressful finding a business location can be and all the CV’s and interviewing they may be having to do, all else fails they’ll have to make-up up,hehe :smiling_imp:

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Your post made me a bit curious!
On what did you base these statements? Do you have contact with them?
Like… on chat?

@Ponder and i have been pen pals for ages… @Tom and i were old war buddies, and i’ve been mowing @sdee’s lawn to earn some extra scratch…


no, my response was based purely on my own suppositions and observations… this team has a clear vision and a solid group of collective heads on their collective shoulders… :wink:


Ah ok, I was just curious :slight_smile: But I reckon you will alert them if they are in fact starting to look too tired etc.

Don’t understimate the motivation and energy people can get from having this kind of success. Kickstarter was a unbelievable story and the community is growing from day to day. I wonder how many people would join a stream which I will start without further notice… I don’t think it will be over 100 :wink:.

From my point of view our guys at the front are doing well. Comments like that they will not participate at the E3 (?) because they prefer to go to the wedding of a friend do make me feel like they know what they are doing :smiley:. And maybe some of the kickstarter-budget will allow for a short summer-trip with their families, too… because they might suffer more than our devs :smiling_imp:.

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Well, from my own experience I can tell that a burnout is sneaky. All is fine, you notice something off here and there, but nothing wild. All managable.

Until one day: “Hi!” sais the burnout. From out of nowwhere.
The major problem with that is that before your first you don’t know the signs - for there are plenty of those. After your first you know 'em and can properly interprete them making avoiding a second quite easy actually - if you are prepared to let go of your previous misconceptions about carreer and money and that.

Now: just being tired is just about the weakest and most untrustable sign, for there are a plethora of reasons to be tired. Running low on vitamis for example - especially vitamin D, the “sun-vitamin” of which a proper game developper naturally does not see much :wink:

Generally I too would rather wait a month or three longer - a burnout, being a subclass of the depression, is hard and time-consuming to come out of. Stay healthy (especially mentally)! :smiley:

I remember the Great Lawn Wars as well @SteveAdamo. You used to write home to @Ponder every day about the attrocities you witnessed. Those letters are the true inspiration for elemental enemies in Stonehearth. That paycheck from @sdee will never wash away the horrors of the Tulips and Begonias. THOSE DAMNED BEGONIAS!!! They took Gary, he had a wife and kids! :sob: Never forget @SteveAdamo, never forget…

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