TVAoG&S - A Stonehearth Tale


I present to you, the first of many collaborations (hopefully) between myself and @SteveAdamo.

I am responsible for the comics graphical elements of the series, and Steve is the storyboard writer, verbal script monkey and ideas man.

I would also like to thank @Geoffers747 for his awesome pompom waving ability and allowing me to take the Mickey out of his namesake.

Anyway… without further ado, I present to you…

The Voxel Adventures of Geoffers and Steve.


Season One - Episode One - ‘The Aftermath’

Lullaby's and other easter eggs

Awesome work. Love to see how Geoffers and Steve get themselves in all kinds of funny trouble. :smile:


How did you do this?
This is really cool.


Mucho Gusta Amigo

Love to know how you did this


well, for one, @Froggy is a voxel wizard… we story-boarded a scene, and he did some rough mockups… he then turned on the juice and started cranking out the scene in qubicle…

i wrote a metric ton of dialogue, which was trimmed down to “strip” size…

how he introduced the dialogue into the scene is still a mystery to me, but it worked perfectly… :smile:


That’s awesome
If you storyboarded it can we expect to see some more heading our way?


you can, and you shall… you shall indeed…

rubs his hands together mischievously


insert evil chuckle


You must make a Comic Just dedicated to @SteveAdamo riding his Son’s bike and @Geoffers747 in a wagon tied to it with shelly while they run away from a bank hist!


pick one:

Now which one would @SteveAdamo sound like…


Defiantly voldormort


wow, im honored… im assuming this is because of his awe-inspiring power, and not the fact that he’s a shriveled up old dude… right?


It’s actually because your avatar too has no nose…



nods in agreement


I think technically he’s more of a possessed flesh golem then a dude by that point but either way, personally I’d have to say you in fact wouldn’t sound like Voldemort as he didn’t get in because of laughing ability. Maybe Ursula? Laughing as you look over all of us while you torment people with misguided title changes and overzealous thread merging. Although I’m not sure if the tentacled overweight woman is quite your style, maybe one of Maleficent’s minions? With the stuff you and @Geoffers747 put on I wouldn’t be surprised if the bumbling act might work.

I just realised something! I can’t identify all the villains, so please aid me o mighty stoners and tell me who is the villain in the pirate scene. I can’t work it out and it’s bugging, doesn’t help that there’s three of them so it’s not a basic lawful/evil split, maybe lawful/evil/bacon?


sorry… are you asking who stole Shelly?


If somebody had closed the paddock properly, perhaps we wouldn’t be having to chase down the skellies in the first place!

You’re insufferable sometimes, you know that?


and if you werent such an addle-brained nincompoop, you would recall it was in fact you who failed to close said paddock…

honestly, if i werent so indebted to your father… sighs


We have a paddock?!

Since when?