I think I need to get out more

I don’t know for sure about @Tom but I reckon my voxel count might be 2 million by the time the game launches…

Just need to make a ‘Waldo’ and this picture is complete!


On the contrary you need to stay in more! If you keep making things like this there is no need for you to ever leave your computer alone again :wink:


That piano is awesome. And be careful when you say you want to get out more, some of your more rabid fans may be tempted to go “Misery” on you… :wink:


I love that. All the people and then… PIANO. Also, big fan of your work Froggy.


why are you looking at me when you say that?

resumes reverse tracing @Froggy’s IP address

seriously though @Froggy… you have clearly got the skillz to pay the billz…


Don’t be so put off, I’m ALWAYS looking at you

I am really diggin’ those knights on the right!

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Keep up the great work, looking forward to what you make next

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I do believe you need to make all of the different ironman suits :stuck_out_tongue:

All 42 of 'em, eh? Just a LITTLE ambitious don’t you think? :wink:

haha no including that epic black and gold trim one :smiley: he said he needs to get out more which is clearly the wrong approach!

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I think he made a typo. I’m pretty sure @Froggy meant to say “get ON” more, as in spend more time working on Qubicle :wink:

naturally haha he has made some awesome stuff already surely it can only get better with the ironman collection!

@Froggy truely awesome, you win the internetz!
Ironman, the Marvins, skeletor, A-team… too much

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Thanks, high praise coming from the King of the Norse!

Thanks to every else too for your kind words. I’m feeling the love today :blush:

@KingMooCow I don’t like hijacking other peoples threads so here is @SteveAdamo …'s son!

Say hi to Luke everybody!


His name is Robert actually.


Tell me, @SteveAdamo, did you name him Luke just for the obvious Star Wars quote? :wink:

I cannot wait to see this creation animated…

WOW So @Froggy Really did do it!!!
Should of Believed more… :wink:
“Tears of joy to the amazing things @Froggy has Done For All” :cry: :smile:

no no no… you lost the paternity suit…

his real name is actually Luciano… i’m Italian in case my last name didnt give it away… so Luciano Mateo Adamo, but we call him Luke to make people feel less goofy about butchering his name… :wink: