I think I need to get out more

@Geoffers747 son of @SteveAdamo. Wouldn’t that make Steve like… 100?


LOL YES Puss’N’Boots, the best movie of all time.

@Froggy you need to Voxelize that cat and animate it!!!

Truly @Froggy your a mile ahead at animating and posing,I but one day I shall meet you at he finishing line. keep up the awesome work. Have @SteveAdamo as a module who pedals though towns as a merchant


Thank you for the kind words.

That is definitely one of the best suggestions. Ever.


as this is @Froggy’s tribute thread, i dont feel so bad continuing this derailment (can there really be one here?)… :smile:

that all depends on what you have me selling… i aint going back to the clink… i aint!

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I guess you could say he’s:
Peddling while pedaling

I’ll see myself out.


He could have you sell Merchandise such as batman tricycles with speed buffs!!!

@SteveAdamo Does this mean I can call you the Italian Stallion now? :wink:

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sure! i didnt spend $14 on that tattoo for nothing… :blush:

and with that, my OT allowance is spent…


I got board… (see what I did there?)


I love it. :laughing:

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It’s simply amazing, I told you needed to model more stuff! :joy:

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Any chance you will turn it into an in-game board game for villagers to play?

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That’s an awesome idea, an idle animation of your villagers going to play Stonehearth chess :smiley:

@Froggy Single most complete awesome stonehearth model yet I think … now I want to play chess … badly.

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we now need a chess mod to go with the game. or at the very least, a separate game with those graphics!

They just walk into the middle of a field and start playing life-size chess… :laughing:

:laughing: or maybe a combat alternative, more sophisticated players can fight for control over a town by playing chess their villagers

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