My Two Cents - Introduction

Hello All,

I just joined the forum here. Little about me, been playing for a few months off and on, mostly my laptop broke so that’s been the off part. But I wanted to introduce myself, so HI!, and I felt that before I delve into the wonderful forum here I could at least in some small way offer what - as an uninformed (for the most part) player (and fan) feel are my likes, dislikes, and what I would like to see. Figure without multiplayer best way to get to know each other is how we feel about it all right?

Please don’t hate me, it’s all for the love of the game.



Well duh, otherwise I wouldn’t of bought it. But I used to play (sometimes still do) ALOT of mmorpgs on RP servers where I could. I always wound up, where possible, trying to build a town/castle/community of some sort and ran into the usual issue of the building being so time consuming that the social aspects of developing the community to be housed it in often fell off and I couldn’t balance it out. That’s why I love stone heart, I can build my community and when and if we ever see multiplayer I can interact with another!


I love Stonehearth because of it’s ‘replayability’ which apparently isn’t a word… yet? (Come on Webster’s get with it.) Anyway no two settlements are the same, you could start out with the same hearthlings on the same map seed, and go a hundred different ways.

Class System

Alright so the first two weren’t necessarily mechanical, but they are important! The class system is awesome in my eyes, sure it can be fleshed out more but it’s alpha, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I do however have to say I don’t like the idea of making the tools something that have to be found instead of crafted. I feel like that would drive the adventure side of things, but at the same time logically my carpenter should be able to make a wooden hoe. And it also keeps the different classes working together. I also like the fact that the class can be swapped with minimal punishment. (The loss of XP is completely reasonable.) I feel like my farmer should be able to train with a sword and defend his homestead when the master comes to call.


Building System - Somewhat
This one isn’t knocking the building system, this just more of what frustrates me sometimes, I love it for the most part. Firstly, the multiple floor bug drives me nuts, the camera goes all wonky and you gotta basically place items before you build it otherwise it’s like you’re playing blind inside the house. My thought on that, which I know we’re getting dangerously close to a suggestion thread now, but could the floors mimic the layers set up? It kinda works if my basement isn’t part of the building otherwise it’s like the camera is confused on where stuff is. Only other gripe is we have some colors to build with, but I like to get creative… can we has more colors? I dream of purple and green for my flag.

Don’t explode, I know it’s alpha, they’re not pandering to the cruddy computers, but my laptop is fairly on par with industry standards right now and I get hindered by the client side lag to the point I have a population cap. I only mention this because I feel like I should just pin it up there that it’s still a concern. But it also is a bit of a “How big is a community” question.

*What I’m looking forward to:


I know it is forever away. But it’s my carrot on the stick for the future. I can’t wait to see the concept unfold as inter community trade develops. Maybe teams, maybe not. I could swoon for paragraphs on this one. Maybe I will later…

More Maps, Races

Rayaa’s Children need balancing, in my humble opinion (Can’t stand them on the forest map, but I also know there are oodles of threads dedicated to this… opinion.) BUT, that’s not to say that more maps/races aren’t an idea that tantalizes me. I know there are mods (I like to stick to Vanilla, somehow it makes me feel more fanboy-ish.), but at the same time I can’t wait.

I reeled in my ideas best I could as I know General Discussion isn’t for suggestions, I mainly just wanted to see if anyone agrees or disagrees. Get a little discussion going, meet you guys… Ya feel me?



Welcome to the forums Jim!

I agree with most of your points and think that more kingdoms and better optimization will come with time.

I was just like you with prefering to play the game vanilla but stonehearth makes an exception on that rule. Stonehearth is heavily focused and even made for mods. I feel like the base game is there to teach you the ropes. Once you get a feel for the game the gates of mods opens and there is so much more content to be found. Even already at this moment while the game is only in alpha phase.

I would really advise you for this game to give the mods a try. There are enough mods that simply add more items to the game without altering the gameplay experince which are great to start with!

Enjoy your stay at the discourse!

P.s. If you do try out mods be sure to check out Yang & co’s creations :innocent:. I might or might not be the maker of that mod by accident :sweat_smile: (Sameless self advertisement)