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FYI - that was my best attempt at a Ron Burgandy impression… :wink:


I’m Enderash, and I came here from the Cube World Forum. I’m weirdly attracted to games with blocks, which is why Minecraft and Cube World are the only games I own and play. It’s also the reason why I’m here. I’m also looking forward to Trove. I love to photoshop, which is like, the only thing I can do on the computer. I’m looking forward to spending a long time on this forum and meeting all you wonderful people!


welcome aboard @Enderash! :smile:

im sure you’ll find a number of folks here with similar gaming interests… and in my case, a passion for :cookie:s as well… have fun! :wink:


Hullo, all. Long time lurker, first time poster etc etc. I thought that now that the Alpha is here it might be an opportune time to join in! I felt it would be only polite to introduce myself before ploughing ahead into the discussions! *offers hand for very formal handshakes or high-fives depending on preference*

(Little bit of thread necromancy here, sorry! I do hope I’m posting in the right thread.)



I’m LineLiar, real name is Matthijs and I decided to join this awesome community. I follow Stonehearth for quite a while now (I believe since the Kickstarter) and I saw this awesome community, then decided to join it. I’m dutch so grammar/spelling faults will be made, but I’m pretty good at English so it will not be a big problem. You might know me from the Greenheart Games Forum (which is Discourse too by the way, good choice). I don’t have Stonehearth as of yet (although I will be saving up for it, saving up for a PS3 at the moment so I actually already have enough… just… wait). I guess. I have seen Stonehearth, how it works and the basic mechanics at the moment so I will be able to talk about it and help other people, I guess? I’m really a community guru most of the game with my endless posts on forums (834 on GHG at the moment and about 20-30 posts per day).

Hope to see ya soon!

Line/Matthijs/Matt or however you want to call me


well hello there… welcome aboard! :smile:

and have no fear, your English is just fine… have fun on the forums! :+1:


Haha, thanks! (and sorry for not posting it here… literally signed up and immediately posted that as how I always do it when I enter a new forum)


hello I’m called gridnick I’ve been following stonehearth for quite a while you might of seen me around the forums but in ever got welcomed by steveadamo!!! so please welcoe me steve or ill call you are for the whole of your forum life


slowly trudges into the thread

oh, hai! welcome aboard @Gridnick! :smile:


Howdy all, I’m Wizaerd. I’m a 50 year old software developer, and mostly enjoy RTS and Economic Simulation games. Of the RTS game, I mostly enjoy the slower paced ones, where building and production chains take precedence over APM. I mostly avoid any and all multiplayer, and I’m hoping that Stonehearth will fulfill my dreams of sandbox building, production chains, ordering minions around to build what I want, with some minor combat/battles.


Hello all! I’m Capotzalco (good luck!) and I’m a linguistics-addicted gamer from the UK.
As it’s hard to say, most call me Zal or Cap (or Cap’n Zalco) :blush:
I have to say, until the alpha came out, I was losing my mind…


well welcome aboard, fellow wizened traveler… :smile: it seems we share some very similar gaming interests…

welcome aboard to you as well! if you havent seen it yet, you may find this thread of interest… :wink:


Yeah I did thanks, and thanks for the welcome :smiley:


Hello this is Eagle I have been following since the start but never got around to making a account. I love this game and can’t wait till it comes out.


I’m known as Petard on the internet. I make videos as you may have noticed and I’m looking forward to creating a beautiful family here with you guys!

I’m gonna turn 21 in a month, I come from Croatia and I’m a fan of RTS games, especially slower ones where I can just chill and build stuff(they are almost non-existent so I guess TBS is on top of the list). I have a channel dedicated to just strategy games and I’ll slowly expand the pool of games I play as I increase my following (assuming it does increase) with focus on Stonehearth, especially on the modding scene.

Let us all bathe in the glory of this wonderful game.


welcome aboard! :smile:

and if you are interested, the alpha is already publicly accessible… :+1:


Welcome to the club @Petard and @Eagle! :slight_smile:


Now that i think about it, I never got the “Welcome Aboard!” by @SteveAdamo.


oh, now surely I welcomed you, @EpicDwarf… no?


Ummm . . . nope.

Discourse is greedy and wants to eat more words