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well, now it’s just awkward … how’s about a hearty handshake to smooth things over… :wink:


Sure, besides, I joined more than nine months ago it would be awkward to welcome me when I joined long ago


Wow. @SteveAdamo, I didn’t know you were that mean! Hmpf!


You don’t know the half of it.

The things I’ve seen …



Oh god… runs away


and you don’t know the half, of the half of that… so, the quarter of it is entirely unspeakable!


I will turn 21 in less than a month and I share a room with my soon to be 14 year old sister who happens to be a Belieber

No amount of unspeakable horror can top that.


i would offer you my deepest condolences, but i fear no amount of sympathy can overcome the mental scarring you’ve had to endure…


I picked the worst possible hobby to go along with the monster in my room. I am afraid that I will end up murdering a lot of fans of s*** music.

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So i haven’t seen a introduce yourself topic around here, and i figured the community isnt enormously (yet), so what about a topic about yourselves?

I’ll start off:

Hi, im DoomPriest. (not giving away my real name)
I’m a 20 year old that started developing maps for a cod:waw community 3 years ago. (and still counting)
With developing maps i also learned C++ to enhance gameplay (opening doors / bridges etc.)
Next to that i did a year of programming / designing and aswell learned alot on game aspects in school.
(I even won an award for a leveldesign contest. :))

I stumbled upon StoneHearth trough a video of Yogscast Sjin, and the game idea got me quite excited! (back when it still was an idea)
Everything so far that has been said that will be in StoneHearth really gets me going, and i can’t wait for it!
Also the modding aspect is intriguing me, and i am waiting for the API to be released so i can start modding.

I’m hoping to hear more about you guys (and girls), and lets get this community growing!


  • DoomPriest


I won’t tell if you don’t!


I had a better punch line for the merge… we’ll discuss this later Mr.


Oh Raya I hope so.


Oops, i did search for introduction as a topic
Last post before me was 1d ago, i guess i missed it…


And boom goes the dynamite!!!


Aura here i missed the kickstarter but made the later access 22 yrs old & just a gamer that found an awesome indie game ^^


Hello guys,
as I said, I’m new on this forum.
I bought the alpha 2 probably 2 weeks ago, or so,because I love sandbox games and I really like your concept.
Bad, I have a modest knowledge of english grammer,so it maybe, that I could not be that helpful. But, well, perhaps somehow.( also member in the german community)

So, nice to be here!


well, welcome aboard @Roumsen! and have fun with the alpha… :smile:


Thank you for the warm welcome. AND I really enjoy it!


Wait what? We have an intro thread? O_o