Website Errors, Missing Content

Hi there, didn’t know where to put it but i just wanted to point out that on the new website at the code in the boxes is actually not visible because its the same / kinda the same color (white / bright yellow) as the boxes (white/ light gray). Could not identify the color because depending on my looking angle on the screen i can see the code very lightly.

I mean spoilers can ruin your life but not here :wink: or??


Wow yeah, that’s pretty near invisible alright. @brad has some work to do!


good catch @Pandaroc … I wonder if the CSS was tweaked recently, as I am almost positive I had seen that content (correctly) previously… :confused:

Before or after the website redesign?

I just noticed something else kind of horrible to read too.

The grey text in the boxes at the bottom of the dev log for searching back through the history is really hard to read (at least on my screen!). There just isn’t enough contrast to read by. Needs to lighten up the grey imo.


does the same for me :confused:

that little bit also looks kinda “un-stonehearthy” :disappointed:



Just as a reminder… its still broken and unreadable… @SteveAdamo

thanks @Pandaroc … paging @brad! :smile:

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