Stonehearth Documentation "2.0"


last week I have mentioned that I want to create a reworked documentation for stonehearth especially for modding. Because once I had an idea for a mod it was really frustrating to dive into the architecture of stonehearth and get almost simple things to work.
That’s why I wanted to “revamp” the documentation and add lots of detail or at least something we can work with. I am not yet really familiar with modding in stonehearth so it would be great to have some people who send me some examples of things they have discovered within the modding progress, it would be helpful if you would message me so I can add this as an example to the documentation.

What’s also kind of a problem is that I am not a native English speaker so anyone who finds a spelling mistake inside the docs let me know :wink:

The Idea is to make a short intro about how an example mod looks like (like on the official sh github page) but also explain controllers, services, components, entities etc… And then a collection of all events which I have already started. And other cool things which we might need to know to proper modding.

I will also think about to get 1-2 people on board to help me with it.

A start on github: stonehearth docs


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This looks useful, I hope it expands!

The main problem I’ve seen so far is that Github is, at least on my phone, replacing some text with emojis. It turned what I assume is



stonehearth :fire: lit


Yeah that also bothered me. I will fix this as soon as possible :wink:

Okay, now it’s fixed. Btw. the next weeks I have some exams that’s why I can’t comment frequently.