Is The Stonehearth Modding API Functional Yet?

So, I tryed to make a mod with what was in the Desktop Tuesday post, and nothing happened? I just used the Overwrites thing, but it didnt work. Is this API functional in game yet? Or is it still being developed.

In the next release, we’ll start the process of exposing and documenting the more solidified modding interfaces. Here’s a sneak preview of how we will address one of the more immediate modding concerns: how to get your content into the game without hacking up the default Stonehearth mod.


Oh sorry, I guess I didn’t read that part. I hope the next release is sometime this week.


Note: This is the way things will work in the next Alpha release (next week? maybe later…).

cough. Until then, I’ll happily continue hacking around “the old way”.

It kind of proves, however, that bold text is rather ignored than read… I had to CTRL-F to find that specific part in the blog :wink:


I think this one’s cleared up!

I’ll lock this and just change the title as I’m sure we’ll need to leverage a similar title in the future!